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Jelena’s Unconditional Love

Are Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez at it again? The up and down relationship status between these two pop stars is always changing, but they also always seem to give fans a hint as to where they stand through Instagram. Beiber recently posted a picture of him and Selena on his Instagram account, with his head being snuggled in her arms. Although his face isn’t showing, the tattoo on his neck which is Beiber’s latest ink gives away his identity.
The black and white photo with a caption that read “Unconditional Love” was deleted from Beiber’s account no sooner than he had put it up. The question on everybody’s mind is have these two love birds rekindled their romance? It is possible that Justin is just drawing inspiration for some new music. Cody Simpson  is currently collaborating with J.B. and tweeted, “chill studio session last night with @justinbieber. wrote a beautiful guitar track. able to relate when it comes to love & women. good sht!”
A source told E! News that they aren’t aware of Justin and Selena being back together, while Bieber’s rep declined to comment on his client’s personal life. It seemed like Jelena’s romance was done for good, especially since Beiber has been spotted hanging out and hooking up with a lot of females lately. Meanwhile, Selena recently returned from a trip to Nepal, where she traveled to raise awareness for children in need, on behalf of UNICEF.
Jelena’s unconditional love could actually be no love at all, and just a case of Beiber trying to reminisce on the good times he had with Selena. SInce there are no clear answers at this point, I guess we will all just have to sit around and wait for the next development in the Jelena saga.
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