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Ukrainian Model Dasha Alexandria Talks Fitness and Giving Back to Ukraine

Nothing makes Dasha Alexandria‘s heart race like fitness. Her focus on fitness improves her connection between mind and body. “There’s so much muscle-mind connection involved with working out and it really makes me feel in tune with my body. I’m really aware of every body part now, especially after practicing yoga and Pilates for so long,” she says. If you’re looking to start a workout routine, consistency is key. “Start slow. It’s all about balance…you can’t overwork your body. Be consistent. It’s so hard to feel motivated, especially in the beginning. But the more you work out, the more you make it a part of your lifestyle. For me, working out feels like therapy now. I feel so much better after I do it. It feels like a meditative space for me.” Recently, she decided to shift her focus to fashion modeling and she works with a wide range of brands. “It’s a new goal and experience for me. It looks and feels very creative. I love working with anything from swim, to fashion, to beauty, to yoga.”

Mental health will always be one of Dasha’s main passions. “I feel like it has pushed me to be the best version of myself. If we can learn how to get the best out of ourselves and how to transform negative thoughts into positive behaviors, we will live a more fulfilled life.” The Ukrainian model is also focused on alleviating the crisis in her home country. “I’ve been actively donating to charities and helping my family members where I can. For me the war is always to some degree on my mind, since I have such a connection. But I think by just mentioning it here and there or posting something, you can remind people of its importance. I would say anything you can do helps. Prayers, donations, things like that. Some of my favorite charities are Sirius Shelter for helping animals of Ukraine, and Ohmatdyt Children’s Hospital.” Every little bit makes a difference.

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Ukrainian Model Dasha Alexandria Talks Fitness and Giving Back to Ukraine. Photo Credit: Eduardo Cebalos.