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Michael Eddy Conjures Up Hometown Nostalgia in Debut Single, “small towns”

Having been born into a musical family, Michael Eddy’s destiny was in many ways inevitable. “I got drawn into music at a young age because my family is very musically inclined,” he says. Growing up, music has been such a significant part of my life, which led to my path as a musician.” His parents continuously motivated him to reach for the stars. This encouragement proved invaluable for his self-esteem and the depth of his ambition. “The values that my parents instilled into me to follow my dreams has given me the determination to become an actor/ musician. That changed the way I look at music forever.” It would be hard to name something in show business that Michael doesn’t do. “My involvement in other aspects of the entertainment industry, like acting, doing voice over work, producing, recording, and performing have all been a pivotal step in my career as a musician.”

He just dropped his debut single, “small towns,” a love letter to the cradles that nurture us before we spread our wings. “‘small towns’ is about a kid going through stages of maturity hoping to expand his horizons and be open to newer things,” he explains. The song offered an opportunity to collaborate with renowned American Idol producer, Michael Orland. The two Michaels were an unstoppable duo. “Being able to team up with Michael Orland always brings out my creative side, which ultimately helped me transform into a better musician over the years. It’s always special to work with someone who is so talented, creative and prominent in the music industry, from his work as a musical director on American Idol to the many young performers he’s mentored along the way. I’m grateful to have him as a mentor, vocal teacher, and collaborator on my single, ‘small towns.’” While some may be bored or even embarrassed of their hometown, we can’t deny that those experiences inexorably shape who we become as human beings. Michael remembers where he grew up with warm nostalgia. “My own small town means a sense of comfort, community, and people I’ve known my whole life.”

He cherishes memories of his childhood, recognizing the impossibility of replicating that close knit atmosphere. “ Growing up in a larger city environment, I would visit my grandparents in a small town in upstate New York called Pittsford,” he recalls. “I used to always love the intimate feel of family and it made me appreciate a smaller community.” Sports are an integral part of family legacy for Michael. “My grandpa from upstate New York was a big Buffalo Bills fan and to honor his roots, I am now one too. Go Bills Mafia. I also spent the first 8 years of my life in Tampa, so my family and I are huge Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans.” Staying grounded is of utmost concern to him. Your roots will keep you from swaying in the winds of time. “As the world grows and life changes around you, it’s important to keep your ideals, be grateful, and remember to stay humble.” His songs are meant to make his fans feel good. “I want to inspire positivity throughout my listeners by having upbeat music, relatable lyrics, and being an inspiration to follow your dreams.” What more could you ask for from music? 

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Michael Eddy Conjures Up Hometown Nostalgia in Debut Single, “small towns.” Photo Credit: Steven Lee Busby.