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Madison Walsh and Michael Musi are Engulfed by Family Secrets in New Mystery Thriller, “Something Undone”

How well do you know your family? It’s a complicated question for many – and we might not always what we uncover. In CBC Gem’s new mystery thriller, Something Undone, foley artist Jo (played by Madison) becomes consumed with her quest to find her own answers, even as it jeopardizes her relationship with her partner Farid (played by Michael). We spoke to the actors about the show and the power of familial love.
Cliché: Are you passionate about true crime in real life? 
MM: I don’t know that I would call it passion but it really fascinates me. I go through waves. Sometimes it’s all I listen to and sometimes it’s Drake and Justin Bieber. All about balance. 
MW: Yes. But I get bored with the over-extended TV docs. The Jinx is an exception. I prefer dramatized versions of true events like the recent The Investigation from Denmark. 
Tell us about your new show, Something Undone, and your characters, Jo and Farid. 
MM: Something Undone is a thriller-mystery about a foley artist, Jo (played by Madison), who goes home to settle her late mother’s estate while also recording the required sounds for her true-crime podcast she runs with her partner Farid (me!). While in the house, a haunting sound leads her to a dark family secret and she becomes obsessed with uncovering the truth. 
MW: I play Jo! Our story is all about sound – so pop in your headphones when you watch! 
How did you adapt to filming the project under COVID restrictions? 
MM: It was tough. But we designed the show to be shot during COVID; one character, one house. Sound is a MASSIVE part of our show and it allowed us to create a very full story without breaking any pandemic rules. 
MW: We actually thrived with the creative parameters! I think the idea of an artist’s “blank page” is hell.  
Madison, you play a foley artist! Did you gain a new appreciation for the craft in prepping for the role? 
MW: I am such a nerd for foley. We were lucky enough to get a Zoom chat with Andy Malcolm – THE Canadian foley artist – and he showed us all around his amazing farm/foley studio.
Your characters run a true crime podcast. Would you say that the pressure to always investigate the next story has created some distance between them? 
MM: I think they had a pretty good balance up until this point. They’re both so passionate about what they do and are lucky to be able to do it together. But they both have obsessive natures to them that make it hard for them to peel themselves away from the job. Speaking of the drive to investigate, Jo finds herself consumed by the need to know what really happened with her mother’s death, which could be suspicious. 
How would you describe Jo’s bond with her mom? 
MW: Tenuous. Complicated like most women’s relationships with their mothers. That specific connection and the patterns of theirs we repeat is something I wanted to write about. 
Michael, can you give us some insight into Farid’s perspective on Jo’s journey? 
MM: Farid is a really supportive partner so being away from her during this time is really difficult for him. Jo has struggled with her mental health and Farid’s constantly worried about her. When he begins to notice her destructive behaviour, he’s terrified for her well being. 
Without giving away any spoilers, how would you say Jo and Farid’s relationship changes throughout the season? 
MM: They definitely drift apart. As Jo gets consumed by the family secret, she pushes Farid further and further away. 
What messages do you think the show has to offer on the strength of love and family, even beyond the grave? 
MW: You only get one family. So don’t give it up. 
MM: Losing a parent is horrible. I lost my mom when I was 24 years old and there are things I wish I had done/said when she was alive. Honestly, I would be really happy if this show made our audience pick up the phone and call their parents.
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Madison Walsh and Michael Musi are Engulfed by Family Secrets in New Mystery Thriller, “Something Undone.” Photo Credit: Courtesy of Madison Walsh and Michael Musi.
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