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Lifestyle Creator Courtney Cahoon Talks Fitness, Fashion, and the Motivation of Motherhood

The body and mind are inextricably intertwined, a fact that Courtney Cahoon knows well. Mentality will follow physicality. “I think what working out does for my mind and mental health is the biggest thing,” she reflects. “I naturally have a lot of energy, which causes me to have quite a bit of anxiety. I noticed that on the days I work out, I am much less anxious and way more productive, so it has helped me tremendously that way.” Everything must be taken in moderation when striving to maintain the healthiest version of yourself. Listen to your body. “I think having a balanced lifestyle is the most important thing. Anytime something is taken too extreme, I feel like it’s no longer healthy mentally or physically. If I am tired, it’s okay to take a day off of working out instead of pushing my body and not giving it the rest that it needs. I find when balance is at play, it makes it so much more enjoyable and sustainable!” 

Courtney is over the moon about her new activewear line with ACTA. First and foremost, she wanted to ensure that the pieces were functional. Her audience is already clamoring for more! “It was a dream to collaborate with them and make an activewear line. I wear activewear almost every single day, so going into this collaboration, I wanted to make sure the pieces were supportive, not see-through, comfortable, and would make people feel more confident when they wore them. ACTA was so great and let me be as picky as I wanted and really brought my vision to life. I was so blown away by the response to the collection when it went live. I’ll never forget that day!” If you want to start exercising, begin with baby steps. Remember, working out should be fun! “When first starting to work out, I always say slow and steady is the way to go. Stay with an exercise that is doable for you and then go from there. Whether it be weightlifting, attending a class, going on on a walk, etc. Just getting your body used to moving and in an enjoyable way is the best way to start.” Courtney’s family is with her for every step. She is a strong role model and reciprocates their unconditional love. “My family is the most important thing to me. They are my motivation for absolutely everything I do. With being a mom, health and fitness play such an important role in so many ways. Doing things like carrying the car seat in one arm and the groceries in another was something I needed to be able to do, or even just making sure my anxiety wasn’t overwhelming and I was able to get that out with a workout. They are the reason behind any work goals I have. I try to be a good example of a hard worker and I will always cheer my family on to chase their dreams, so having them see me do that has been super motivating to show them it’s possible.”

Becoming a mother to her son altered her course in the best way possible. She has never felt a drive like this before. “Motherhood has completely changed my life and for the better. It has given me so much purpose and a ‘why’ behind everything I do.” Despite this devotion, the most effective parents are the ones who remember that their own needs still matter. “As a mom, it is so hard to put yourself first, ever. Mom’s guilt is so real, but I always keep the analogy of the airplane flight attendant in my mind. They always say in case of emergency to make sure you have your oxygen mask on first and then put the children’s masks on, because if you can’t breathe, then you can’t help your kids. I think that it’s the exact same in life. If you feel overwhelmed all the time or like you can’t breathe, it’s harder to show up every day for your kids. I think it’s so important to take time for yourself, whether it’s 5 minutes a day, 30 minutes, or an hour. Just having that moment to yourself is so important. That has been what helped me keep the balance of my day to day life and well-being.” Her son will grow up understanding the value of support and positivity. “I hope that my son learns to chase his dreams and that if he works hard, is kind, and cheers on those around him, then the sky’s the limit.” Courtney has a similar philosophy for daily life and wants to spread it to others. “I think it’s so easy to focus on the bad, when in reality there is still so much good in the world. It just needs to be shown more. The good is what keeps people going and motivates them. Life isn’t always fair and it’s not always easy, but I think everyone deserves happiness and to have a happy life and that all starts from bringing more good things in the world for people to enjoy.” After all, it only takes a few seconds to make someone smile.

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Lifestyle Creator Courtney Cahoon Talks Fitness, Fashion, and the Motivation of Motherhood. Photo Credit: Jen Anderson.