Jake Austin Walker is a Born Hunter on “National Treasure: Edge of History”

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Jake Austin Walker has a unique perspective as someone who has been in the entertainment world since the age of nine. “Growing up in this industry has certainly given me a perspective that I’ve carried with me my entire career,” he reflects. “Throughout the years, I have been so lucky to pick up little nuggets of wisdom from so many talented people in front of and behind the camera. My best advice, and this is applicable to all opportunities and occupations, is to remember to always treat everyone you meet with respect and gratitude. The best projects always come down to teams of people that have a secular goal: to create something they believe in, with love and creativity. Community dies in the ego, and with it, the potential to create something timeless.” His tenure on Rectify irrevocably altered his professional trajectory. “I wouldn’t be the actor, nor man I am today, without the love, support, and education of Rectify. I could write a novel from that experience. To keep it brief, I will say this: not a day goes by that I don’t use methods, memories, and lessons from that cast and crew. I’m forever indebted to Ray McKinnon for allowing me to be a part of his magnum opus.” 

Those lessons certainly influence his latest role as Liam Sadusky on the new Disney+ series, National Treasure: Edge of History. “National Treasure: Edge of History is a series based in the universe of National Treasure. The series takes place in the modern day. We follow the story of Jess Valenzuela as she unravels a Pan American treasure connected to her family. Along the journey, Jess crosses paths with my character, Liam Sadusky. Liam Is the grandson of Peter Sadusky, the head FBI agent from the first two films and a member of the Freemasons. When we meet Liam, he wants nothing to do with the treasure hunt. Liam has seen first-hand the damage that can come from leading a life of treasure hunting, like his father before him. A skeptic to all things treasure, Liam takes quite a bit of convincing before he joins the hunt. Though, once Liam joins the hunt, he can’t shake the feeling that treasure hunting just might be in his blood, and maybe Jess is more than just a friend on the journey.” You might consider Liam and Jake to be twin flames, because both are musicians! Jake instantly felt the connection. “The day I received the audition for Liam, I knew I had to play him! I mean, to be able to not only portray such fully realized character ,but to also incorporate his music? That was the cherry on top. Doesn’t hurt that one of our show runners and writers, Cormac Wibberley, is a vault of musical knowledge. Any question I had regarding Liam’s musical influence, he gladly was able to answer. I didn’t have to spend too long figuring Liam out because I felt as if I knew him from his first line.” Music speaks to him just as much as acting, if not moreso. “Music is my second passion. I think it’s the one medium I’ve always felt I could be the most constructive and expressive. There’s nothing like performing for an audience. I haven’t found something that can truly compare to the process of finalizing a song and hearing it how you did in your head. It’s a magical process. It’s very cathartic for me.” 

The year ahead is a blank canvas filled with possibility. “2023 Is an open book for me right now. All I know is I’m walking into it with open arms. I’ve been making music in my off time from the show, working on a full album. I plan on releasing the first few singles of the album Q1 of 2023 and that has me really excited. My music evolves with me and It’s been very fulfilling to discover these new avenues while writing. I was also able to join the amazing cast and crew of TINY BEAUTIFUL THINGS for a little while and they were so welcoming and wonderful!” National Treasure: Edge of History will premiere on Disney+ on December 14th. 

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