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Everything Online is Gayer with Georgia Bridgers

Everything Online is Gayer with Georgia Bridgers

Prior to Georgia Bridger’s ascent to Internet gay royalty, she was a humble embryonic queer, quaking to embrace the rainbow within. As her sense of self diversified, so did her range. “I remember when I first started on YouTube and I was coming out and I was a resource for a lot of people coming out,” she recalls. “So I just assumed that I needed to be the bright, cheery face 24/7 when I was going through different things, and that just creates burnout. I think just recognizing that there are seasons with content creation and who you are as you grow. I’m very different from the person I was when I started my channel at 18 and I’m 25 now, which then translates to content changes, and that’s okay.”

She relishes letting her gay little heart lead both her career and her life, with plenty of laughter thrown in.”I think my platform says that I’m obsessed with myself as a Leo,” jokes Georgia. “It shows how much I just love being myself and that is being queer in every aspect of the word. Originally, my platform was a lot of just coming out content because that’s what I was doing at the time. I was coming out. To transform that into what I now have seven years later…you see a queer girl being queer and bringing that into everyday stuff. A lot of my platform is comedy. I think I’m pretty funny.” 

For all the flaws of social media, it can also be a glorious avenue to your friends and chosen family. “No matter what I do, it’s gay, or if it’s not gay, I’ll find a way to make it gay. The Internet can be scary and you can’t please everyone. It’s also just a really beautiful tool. It’s a gorgeous tool for connection and for growth and for being there for people no matter what they’re going through. It’s an outlet. I know it can be addictive, but it is such a great resource. I love the Internet and I’m not afraid to say it.”

Like a warm honey, queerness drips down every aspect of Georgia’s identity, infusing her perspective with unparalleled sweetness. She glows for those who do not have such luxury. “The older I get, the more I realize queerness is me, full stop. It’s a part of my life. It’s my friends, it’s my family, it’s my lens on the world. So of course it’s going to be there in my content. It’s because I wake up gay. It’s just how I go about my daily life. I don’t conform to the heteronormative world. I am privileged in the sense of being a femme lesbian and white, so I’m easily digestible for the heteronormative, but it’s just not me. Making sure queerness is at the forefront of my content is so important to me because I want to show that to other people who maybe can’t show that and don’t get to live in a big city like LA. It’s there and it’s waiting for you and it exists no matter what you do.”

What makes her spirit dance the most is reaching out to her followers. “I love giving advice. I love sharing my experiences, and if that helps someone – job well done. Especially being a woman, it’s easy to put yourself in a box and say, ‘I’m not a role model.’ But maybe I am, and I love that.” We can all inspire one another. Admiration finds roots in respecting and honoring someone else’s philosophy. “There’s this unspoken rule that a role model needs to be much older and have accomplished a lot of things or have awards and whatnot. But my younger sibling is my role model. People who are younger than me are role models. People who are older than me are role models in different senses of the word and different views of the world. And role models change.”

In Georgia’s case, her path was lit by her younger sibling. “Hope actually paved a lot of ways for me to come out because they came out before me,” she reveals. “They opened the door and showed that there was light there while I was still in the dark closet – not to be so on the nose. Oh my God, they are my best friend. They’re everything. They are so unapologetic in their queerness and watching their queerness journey grow has shown me that people change and grow as well. They came out originally as bisexual, and then they came out as lesbian, and they came out as non-binary and gay. And I originally came out as bisexual, and I truly was at that point in time. Now I’m an out lesbian. But with Hope, just having another person who knows your origin story and then is also queer on top of that, is just an all-encompassing connection. We were always close, but I feel so lucky because we just get each other on this super molecular level of growing up in Ohio in the same house by the same parents, and then being gay.”

If you just can’t get enough Georgia content, you’re in luck! “I have a podcast now with two of my closest friends, Kaydence De Mere and Emily Gracin. We have a podcast called Been Gay. My content is evolving in that space of more long form. Again, I had the long form on YouTube back in the day, and then it was kind of sketchy and skit on TikTok or brief daily events in my life. The podcast space is where I’m getting to talk even more. I’m like, ‘How can I find more opportunities to talk?’ I really love seeing that grow. I’m also an actress and I’m feeling a really big pull to create fictional, scripted gay content and film it, produce it, direct it, act in it. I want to make shorts and short films. Hell, maybe even a feature one day.” We salute her ongoing quest to sprinkle media with a little more sparkle.

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Everything Online is Gayer with Georgia Bridgers. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Georgia Bridgers, Serena Romaya.

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