Comedian Daralyn Kelleher Turns to Woodworking to Cope with Quarantine Boredom

Like too many of us during the pandemic, Daralyn Kelleher found herself furloughed from her job and suddenly with a mountain of time on her hands. Thankfully, her disorganized apartment helped illuminate a new pathway for her and she soon launched an organizing and amateur woodworking channel on YouTube. When things return to normal, she hopes to travel, but for now she will content herself with journeying towards a fully furnished apartment. Check out Daralyn on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Cliché: What is it about acting and comedy that appeals to you?

Daralyn Kelleher: Well, I suppose my answers to each are different. I like comedy because ever since I was a little girl, I’ve had an excessive need to play. There’s something so incredibly joyous about surprising someone and making them laugh. Honestly, life is just boring without it.

When it comes to acting, I like it because a storyline is always going somewhere, which always leads to a new emotional truth for the characters. I feel like a lot of people, myself included at times, live life sort of stuck tolerating things they don’t like or numbing their unpleasant feelings to get through the day, but in a story, that character would do something about what they don’t like, and so a piece of why I’m drawn to acting is to live vicariously.

Who are some of your favorite comedians?

My favorite types of comedians are absurd and often times arrogant in their personas. I really like Zach Galifianakis and loved Ellen DeGeneres’ stand up in 80’s.  

Why did you choose to settle in Los Angeles?

I chose Los Angeles because I had been performing stand up comedy in NYC for a number of years, and I had an almost opportunity to be on a sitcom in LA that ultimately didn’t pan out . However, almost landing that opportunity made me realize how much I wanted to be out west. 

How has coronavirus prompted you to start a new chapter in your life?

Basically when I was furloughed from my job at the beginning of the pandemic, I was suddenly overwhelmed with fear and too much spare time. To both make myself feel like I had purpose and to fill up my schedule, I began making a cleaning and organizing show on YouTube. Turns out you *can* get your apartment to it’s cleanest state after a couple months, and so I then turned the show into a furniture making series, as it was the only way to continue improving my apartment!  

You have a YouTube channel and you decided to devote a series to amateur woodworking. How did you get involved in that hobby?

As mentioned above, I kind of just needed furniture, lol. I had been watching a number of DIY woodworkers, and I very much admired what they were capable of, and I also like that it came with the freedom to customize your pieces to be exactly as you want them to be.

Any pro tips for fellow aspiring woodworkers?

Well, I would just say to keep going even when you get frustrated or feel stuck. Hmmm, maybe that sounded cliché. Perhaps I should also start a bumper sticker writing business.

Where do you hope your passion for woodworking and furniture building will take you?

I hope that it takes me to a fully furnished apartment, haha! In addition, I would like to just continue to get better and better at crafting things. I gain so much freedom and happiness from being creative, and so I just want to keep improving my skills.

You also used to work for a cat rescue, Luxe Paws, prior to the pandemic. Are there any cat-related issues that you wish people had more awareness of?

 Yes, in these cold months of winter, please do check your cars for huddled up cats trying to stay warm near the engine. 

What are your plans for after the pandemic?

After the pandemic, I so badly want to travel! Highest on my list is to go see my family in Boston, but I also desperately want to visit NYC and Paris. One day! 

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Comedian Daralyn Kelleher Turns to Woodworking to Cope with Quarantine Boredom. Photo Credit: Courtesy of Daralyn Kelleher.

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