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5 Best Self Tanners to Keep You Bronzed in the Winter

During these cold winter months, summer tans have faded and you may get the urge to have a tan. Tanning beds are dangerous and are shown to leave harmful effects on the skin. Effects such as premature aging, skin cancer and eye damage. Tanning beds are proven to be too risky and sunless tanning is all the rage. Self tanner is the answer and it will give you the glowing tan without the damage. A few tips to ensure a perfect finish is, make sure waxing is completed 24 hours prior to any self-tan application. Use a wet cleansing wipe immediately after self-tan application to prevent unwanted staining on the nails and palms. When you take your first shower, just rinse and refrain from using any shower/bath products. Self tanners vary in price and the list below includes the 5 best self tanners from affordable to higher end prices.

Self Tanners That Can be Found in Ulta

Ulta beauty bronze glow self tanning lotion- $9.99
Ulta lightweight Bronze Glow Self Tanning Tinted Lotion goes on smoothly and gives you an instant glow while your natural looking tan develops. The gel-cream formula hydrates skin and dries in minutes with no sticky feel. This is the perfect product if you want a natural looking tan and a subtle glow. True Tan Technology features two powerful self tanning ingredients to promote a more even, golden tan. Aloe Vera, Green Tea and Vitamin E help soothe and hydrate skin. Shea Butter helps keep skin hydrated for a longer-lasting tan. This tanning lotion is also free of oil, parabens and sulfates. 

St. Tropez self tan express bronzing mouse $44
St. Tropez’s Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse allows you to control the depth of your tan, depending how long you wait before washing it off. This advanced formula provides a natural, healthy looking tan that lasts for days. Wait 1 hour before showering for a light sun-kissed glow, 2 hours for a medium golden tan, or leave 3 hours for a deeper tan. 

Loving tan 2 hour express self tanning mouse $39.95
Loving Tan 2HR Express Mousse gives you a natural looking tan instantly. The salon inspired formula provides you with an immediate color, while developing into a deeper, darker tan. This color technology guarantees a streak- free tan and easy application.

Self-Tanners That Can be Found in Walgreens

Jergens natural glow tan towelettes $13.99
Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun Full-Body Towelettes work with your unique skin tone to create a sun-kissed tan within hours all in a simple swipe. Formulated with a prestige-inspired  blend of DHA + erythrulose, these towelettes create natural-looking, streak-free results that mimic beautiful color from the sun. Indulge in vitamin E and a fragrance that blends the tropical fruits of mango and pineapple with a touch of vanilla.

Bondi sands self tanning foam – $24
Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam is simple to apply, and gives a flawless finish, every time. Simply smooth on the lightweight self tanning foam for an even, streak-free, bronzed tan. Using a tanning mitt, apply the foam using long, sweeping motions to clean, dry skin. This tanning foam is, vegan, Sulfate-free and Paraben-free. 

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Images provided by Ulta & Walgreens

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