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Aliyah Turner Craves the Spotlight in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan”

Aliyah Turner’s craft has consistently enriched her life with a richness and a fullness unlike any other. “The arts have given me the artistic freedom to create and inspire,” she says. “They’ve helped me develop confidence, built my perception of hard work and dedication, and allowed me a sense of joy that I find to be irreplaceable.” As an actress, singer, and dancer, she is grateful to be able to express herself across such a broad and beautiful spectrum. “I think each medium is a form of authentic expression. In the lyrics of a song, the music of a dance, and the words of a scene, there is so much human emotion to be shared. I think they have each taught me a different version of how to truly communicate with audiences.” Bringing her talent to screen was an ode to her childhood. Her warmest shared moments all included the magic of performance. “I grew up in a family of movie lovers. We would go to the movies almost every weekend and create core memories. From a young age, I would leave the cinema feeling so inspired, which led me to fulfill the urge to do what I saw on screen. When I gave acting a try, it then felt like I had found what I was meant to do.”
Aliyah is bringing her own charisma to the fore as Krystal in Power Book III: Raising Kanan. The show is an aesthetic feast for 90s lovers. “The series is by far one of the best additions to the Power universe. It is set in the 90s and features complex themes, characters, and plot, not to mention the bomb fashion and amazing cast.” Krystal is a woman defined by drive. “Krystal brings the fire. She’s very fun. Says and does what she wants when she wants. She’s the definition of a diva, and she shakes things up.” Aliyah had the opportunity to showcase her musical talents in the role, much to her delight. “It feels surreal. I’ve performed musical theater for most of my life, and to bring that to the screen has been wonderful.” She knows that ambition runs through Krystal’s veins. Nothing will stop her from reaching the top. “Krystal doesn’t just want the spotlight; she needs it. A lot is riding on her success as a singer and being the lead of Butta, the girl group in season 3 of Raising Kanan.” The actress herself is forward looking. “2024 is off to a great start. I plan to continue to expand my career in TV and film. I look forward to exploring new genres.” Krystal is just another aspect of Aliyah’s thoroughly empowered career.

Aliyah Turner Craves the Spotlight in “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.” Photo Credit: Jana Schuessler.

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