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How the other Half Live in Bel Air

bel airWhen it comes to succeeding in the property market most of us have to accept that there are always restrictions in terms of what we can achieve within set timeframes. Whether you are keen to list your home on a reputable site or looking to add value through modifications, you are likely to be bound by budgetary constraints and the type of restrictions that are synonymous with real estate. Such constraints are less of an issue in the luxury market, however, which is far removed from anything that you are likely to be familiar with.
To understand this further, we need to explore the luxury market in more detail. There is no finer embodiment of this than the region of Bel Air, which is located in Los Angeles and continues to house the rich and famous. A newly constructed, 23,000 square foot home was recently listed on the market, overlooking the picturesque reservoir in the area and commanding a quite staggering price point of $34.9 million.
bel-air-mansionChristened as Casa Lago, this eight-bedroom, 15-bath home is beautifully designed and represents the magnificence of luxury real estate. With a fixed address of 1940 Bel Air Road, it has been uniquely designed to overlook the stunning Bel Air Stone Canyon Reservoir, offering wonderful views of the surrounding landscape and a traditional, luxury interior. Interestingly, the surrounding terrain was captured and used as a set in the 1974 film Chinatown, so the property has cultural and celebrity status appeal in the eyes of potential buyers.
The mansion has a distinctly unusual, Mediterranean design, which has been implemented in order to optimise the impact of the reservoir and its all-encompassing beauty. It has a number of terraces and loggias, for example, while floor-to-ceiling windows have also been installed to optimise the impact of natural light. In terms of finishing, the interior has Persian onyx and marble as its standout textures, while French limestone also makes an appearance in the kitchen and bathrooms. The top floor skylights complete the look and creates a genuinely luxury feel.
Not only does this offer an insight into how the other half live, but it also underlines the wealth required to enter the luxury property market. While financial restrictions still apply at this level, the value of the high-end property market continues to defy belief.
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