We have officially fallen into fall! While the idea of Oktoberfest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving will definitely keep us in high spirits, I think it’s important that we expand our horizons beyond booze, candy, and obscene amounts of food. As usual, I’m talking about good tunes, smart reads, fun games, and choice television shows. The days may be getting shorter, but here’s how I plan to make them feel longer.

Listening to: Iggy Azalea
Despite my conscious efforts to despise Miss “The New Classic,” it seems she’s a fad that won’t be dying out any time soon. Whether she’s posing as a “Black Widow” with Rita Ora or getting “Fancy” with Charli XCX, she’s making a huge impact in the music world. Even I have to admit that I can’t stop singing her songs. On top of that, she’s featured on nearly every popular track that’s on the radio right now! Despite the fact that she and Ariana Grande sing about having “one less problem,” Miss Azalea is one femme fatale that’s a real “Problem” for her fellow female rappers.


Reading: The Giver by Lois Lowry
Even though I read this book as a child, I knew that I would experience it in a different way as an adult. What better time to reread it than following the release of the movie adaptation? While the film was certainly watchable, it lacks a depth that the original storyline masters with an untouched grace. In a society that has taken away all memories to promote a pleasant existence, Jonas questions the value of removing painful memories when happy memories go along with them. With dystopian novels becoming all the rage in recent years (Divergent, The Hunger Games, etc.), The Giver makes a huge comeback as an award-winning fan favorite.

Playing: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance for3 Nintendo 3DS
Visually appealing role playing games? I’m all over that. As I not-so-patiently await to see if rumors surrounding a KHIII come to fruition, I thought I’d try the only installment in the franchise that I haven’t played yet: Dream Drop Distance. All I have to say is that Sora, Mickey, and friends have won me over, yet again. As usual, the storyline is both detailed and interesting, and the graphics are breathtaking. For Disney fanatics, this game is a must-have!


Watching: Dating Naked
Quite possibly the most ridiculous display of human interaction on television since Catfish, VH1’s Dating Naked takes reality dating to a whole new level of O-M-G. Two contestants go on three naked dates (one with each other) in hopes of finding “true love.” This show has become somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me. Despite the undeniable discomfort of riding bikes, doing yoga, and flying kites in the nude, I’ve grown to appreciate how honest people become when put in a vulnerable—and not to mention awkward—situation. Tune in for a few laughs and plenty of aww-worthy moments as these contestants literally bare it all.

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