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Jay Ellis, who was born in Fort Sumter, South Carolina, began his career as an international print model. Since then he has turned into one of BET’s breakthrough actors, starring as Bryce “Blue” Westbrook in the television series The Game. He has also been seen on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, the CW’s Heart of Dixie, and CBS’ How I Met Your Mother. When this heart-throbbing actor is not filming, he enjoys playing basketball, cooking, playing guitar, and staying fit. He is also an advocate for community service, higher education, and motivating youth to pursue a career in the arts. Below we chat with Jay Ellis about his role in The Game and the rest of his rapidly growing career. 

Cliché: Can you tell us a little bit about this season of The Game and where your character, Blue Westbrook, is with his career and love life?
Jay Ellis:
 He’s trying to figure it all out. Is he in love or does he really see a future with Kiera, and what would his life look like without her? As for his career, I think he’s focused on doing what it takes to perform at his best on the field. He has also learned to be a better teammate in order to be the leader.

What can we look forward to in the next season of The Game?
[Laughs] More drama as always. But I hope we see these two (Kiera and Blue) finish what they’ve started. And I hope Blue wins a championship, but that’s the athlete in me.
Can you easily relate to the character?
I definitely think there is some relatability (is that a word?) there. [Laughs] I definitely can appreciate his passion for success, winning, and love.
Where did your inspiration for acting come from?
I love how powerful good acting can be. It literally can change lives in a single moment, and the effect storytelling has had on me made me want to pursue acting.
Did you always know that you wanted a career in acting?
Yeah. I think I was afraid to actually pursue it for a long time though. It seemed so hard and elusive, and I was afraid of failure. But it’s something I wanted since I was a kid.
When you’re not busy working on set or at your pilates studios, what are some of your hobbies and favorite pastimes?
Surfing, hiking… and I love music. I’m always trying to be a student of some kind, especially of music, language, and the world.

Jay Ellis Interview: A Man With Many Talents photos courtesy of Elton Anderson. 

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