Getting to Know Genneya Walton

At the exhilarating age of just 17, Genneya Walton can be seen on Nickelodeon, Disney, Netflix, CBS—need I say more? Everything from roles on Netflix’s Project M2 to a role on CBS’ Extant, Walton is being shaped into a multifaceted actress that is raising eyebrows everywhere. A word of advice: book her while you can! We got a closer look at who Walton really is, and of course we could not forget to get a couple of summer hair tips from her! 
Cliché: How did you know you wanted to be an actress?
Genneya Walton: After I finished my first acting job, I knew that from then on this was what I wanted to do.
How are you and your character Bryden Bandweth on Netflix’s Project M2 alike?
We are both very energetic and love social media—Bryden is only more extreme in both ways.
We’ve also seen you on Nickelodeon’s Thundermans, Extant, Jessie, and more! How are you handling all of this success at such a young age?
Success is very subjective in the way that I will not consider myself successful until I reach a goal, but I find that I am very pleased with what I have done so far. It’s super exciting, and I am very grateful that I have been able to do what I love and live a calm childhood.
Is there an actress you admire?
Zendaya! She is not only an amazing person, but she is very talented and I look forward to seeing everything in her future. I would love to work with her one day.
What has been your favorite role thus far? Do you have a dream role?
My favorite role has been Terra on Extant. It was such a different character than what I have ever played, so it made for a very enjoyable challenge, and the cast was amazing and so helpful in my time there. A dream role would be a main in a movie like The Maze Runner.
When you’re not on set creating magic, what is your favorite thing to do?
I love dancing, hiking, and going to the beach.
We couldn’t help but notice your beautiful curls! Care to share some of your summer hair secrets with us?
First off, thank you for the kind words. I use DevaCurl Decadence shampoo and conditioner with the Camille Rose Curl Maker gel and let my hair air-dry!

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Photographed by Lesley Bryce

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