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Drunk in Love: Beyoncé/Jay-Z vs Christina Milian/Lil Wayne

Prepare yourself for the remix face-off! Drunk in Love: Beyoncé/Jay-Z vs Christina Milian/Lil Wayne!
Who did it better?
Remember when everyone was all night, drunk in love and “surfbording” on the beach with Queen Bey and Jay-Z? Well, who is ready for a part two?
Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne that’s who! The pair collaborated and created their own rendition of the popular song Drunk in Love on his recently released mixtape Sorry 4 The Wait 2, which raises the question, which couple truly intoxicated you with their love?
Beyonce and Jay-Z brought us Drunk in Love on the beach:

Christina Milian and Lil’ Wayne haven’t brought us a video just yet, but they were sure to provide us with enough imagery that we could get the picture:

Although the alleged couple has not officially confirmed their relationship status they have been spotted together a lot in recent months and Milian gushed over how she loves making music with the rapper during her interview with DailyMail.
Milian took to Twitter promoting the release of Lil’ Wayne’s mixtape:

But whats the verdict on the Drunk in Love Remix? Some fans can’t take contain their excitement

and others…let’s just say they’re very loyal to Queen Bey

So who takes the crown?
Photo Courtesy of Billboard

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