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“Palm-twitchers” across the globe have been very vocal concerning casting for the upcoming film, Fifty Shades of Grey. The movie adaptation of the best-selling novel is pressured with the daunting task of depicting Christian Grey—the young, impossibly gorgeous, mega-rich bac50-shades-of-grey-photos-dakota-johnson-jamie-dornan-portraithelor with a dark past and even darker fetishes. Fans don’t seem too thrilled with E.L. James’s final choice, Jamie Dornan—preferring favorites such as Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder instead.  While some finally agree that Somerhalder is too boy-next-door and Bomer doesn’t have that wow factor, why Dornan? Admittedly, at first glance, the former Calvin Klein model doesn’t seem quite right for the role. However, after researching Dornan’s modelling and acting careers, one can see why James’s choice was the right one.

First and foremost, take a look at Dornan’s steamy C.K. ads, especially those beside Eva Mendes. Aside from being insanely handsome, he always has the brooding and mysterious look that the character is so famous for. With his messy dark hair, built frame and infamous grey-blue eyes, he fits the character mold “to the T”. If you haven’t seen the film Marie Antoinette, check out some of Dornan’s scenes alongside Kirsten Dunst. Once you see the smoldering look Count Axel Fersen often gives Marie Antoinette across the table, you will have no doubt that Dornan will do his part in portraying a deliciously reprimanding Christian Grey.  Dornan definitely has the necessary tools to slay this role. As long as he bulks up as he’s done for past photo shoots and keeps a little bit of stubble on his chiseled face, he’ll be able to win over those that are still in doubt.

Let’s move onward to Miss AnastaskPsVl6Eia Steele, the unassuming object of Mr. Grey’s desires. Steele is described as a bit of a “plain-Jane” and quiet beauty with uncooperative brown hair and “too-big for her face” blue eyes.  While Alexis Blidel and Emilia Clarke were both fan favorites, E.L. James unexpectedly went with Dakota Johnson. The immediate complaint expressed by readers was that Johnson is (heaven-forbid!) blonde. Nothing that a simple dye job can’t fix! Johnson now sports the brown locks that fans are expecting. The actress has somewhat of an older look about her, though she is only 24. As a recent college graduate, the character of Anastasia has to have that fresh-grad aura. Looking into some of Johnson’s previous roles and on-screen interviews, fans will notice that she is quite youthful, although it doesn’t translate well in photos. Most importantly, she is a solid actress and has an unconventional sex-appeal that might prove disappointed fans wrong—not to mention she has those perfect, coveted, full lips that is crucial to the role!

Still in doubt? Check out YouTube and watch some of the more recent fan-made trailers for the film. You’ll be surprised at how well cut and paste works at giving us an idea of what Dornan and Johnson will look like on the big screen. Simply put, they are blazing-hot! While the two aren’t what we expected and are far from our first choices, there is some serious potential for a great and intense film.  Some of the other finalized roles include Eloise Mumford  as Kate Kavanagh, Anastasia’s best friend; Luke Grimes as Elliot Grey, Christian’s brother; and Max Martini as Taylor, Christian’s right-hand man and bodyguard. We won’t get to see Grey’s scrumptious grey tie until February 2015, but we will be waiting anxiously and obediently, Sir.

Photos courtesy of Entertainment Weekly.

Feature image courtesy of FanShare.

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