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Ant-Man Review

Ant-Man may be Marvel’s smallest new hero, but that didn’t take away from his first appearance in the Cinematic Universe. There’s many ways the film worked and further built up the story of the other movies, yet stayed an enjoyable solo piece. For those who never saw Avengers: Age of Ultron, which takes place before the events of Ant-Man, you can still watch this film and not get lost. If you have seen Ultron, this film nods to the previous movie in such a way that it doesn’t feel forced.
Why this film worked better than Iron Man 3:
Ant-Man took the time to answer why no one wanted to call in the Avengers in a way that was reasonable. Because let’s face it, when you have over five superheroes on speed dial and none of them bother to stop by after your home is publicly bombed, there’s some issues that need to be addressed. Ant-Man clearly explains why the Avengers won’t be called, showed the Avengers at work, and that they didn’t just ignore something as major as a building blowing up. They in fact look into things and have a brain.


Ant-Man (Scott) training to use the suit .

Why those who may not have enjoyed other Marvel films will enjoy this one:
The short answer is that Ant-Man isn’t like most Marvel films. Just as Guardians of the Galaxy broke away from the Marvel’s set cinematic model, Ant-Man does too. Guardians was a pure sci-fi flick that happened to have superheros and villains in it. Ant-Man is the Ocean Eleven of Marvel. It’s all about setting up for the heist with a colorful cast of rogues, with most of the team being felons. Instead of a gun fight, you have an epic battle between a guy dressed like an ant and a guy dressed like a yellowjacket.

A look at the Ant-Man Yellow Jacket Suit

Also, Ant-Man is a much more humorous film compared to the majority of its sister films — a welcome change of pace from Iron Man’s self reflections on his life while continuing to be a wealthy jerk, Captain America’s struggle to find his place in the world, and Thor’s messed up family life. Scott (Ant-Man) just wants to be the hero his daughter believes he is, which is very honest and true for most parents/families. These feel like real people with real struggles in life that your friends and loved ones deal with.
So, go out and see this movie. It’s funny, and it adds to Marvel’s wider story without getting lost in it. Even if you haven’t seen Marvel films in the past, or are sick of superhero films, you’ll enjoy this one.
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