Telling Stories Through Visual Content: the Portrait of Cloe Luu, Beauty Influencer

Cloe Luu

Telling Stories Through Visual Content: the Portrait of
Cloe Luu, Beauty Influencer

Cloe Luu is a talented and remarkable beauty influencer. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, because she’s also a refined content creator and a seasoned marketing strategist for everything that regards visual storytelling. Whether she’s working as a freelancer for cosmetics and skincare brands or herself as a makeup artist, Cloe is always connecting her knowledge with her passion and that’s the key for her to help build strong brand identities targeting the people of her generation.

A natural for art and business

She was born in 1995 in a small Vietnamese town before moving to Ho Chi Minh when she was about 10. As a child, Cloe was already very creative and crafty, nurturing her passion for arts at an early age by drawing, watching arts and crafts tutorials on Youtube, and adventuring herself in everything DIY with the complicity of her father. It didn’t take long before she started her first business in elementary school selling homemade holiday cards to her schoolmates!

First success

Cloe LuuWhen she graduated from Highschool, it didn’t take long for Cloe to start her first real business. She was the first Vietnamese entrepreneur to develop the Decoden market. The Decoden was originally a Japanese craft that consists of decorating and personalizing one’s phone case. Cloe got very successful in that field, applying her love for arts and crafts through an innovative business model. And that’s how she naturally started to experiment with clay, jewelry, and the whole concept of decoration, nurturing both of her passions for art and business.

The American dream

But it wasn’t until Cloe came to the US in 2015 that she could finally get to be familiar with cosmetics, the last piece to her extended set of skills and fields of expertise. In Vietnam, she didn’t have many chances to learn and experiment with makeup because it’s a luxury and her family couldn’t afford it.

She bought her first eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay, and what she immediately did, as any millennial would, was to look for a tutorial on Youtube. She followed instructions but soon it wasn’t enough. Cloe’s creativity found new material and she started experimenting very quickly, sharing her results on Instagram where she gained popularity and support from total strangers. This was a mind-blowing experience as Cloe realized that makeup was a new outlet for her to express her never-ending creativity. It was her way to reach out to a new set of friends and building an actual community supporting her and her art. This is something important, especially when your family is not around you anymore.

Cloe is now sharing her skills with the world as she works with renown brands while she keeps growing her community more than ever. 

Cloe LuuShe mostly works with makeup and skincare brands but she’s recently broadened her horizon with new industries like shoe brands such as Toms or Twoobs. She also worked with food and beverage brands like Mott’s and Naked and also collaborated with haircare brands such as Splat, Fanola, Remilia, and many more. 

“Arctic fox, a hair dye company that I love, was the first brand I ever got to work with ! It was like a dream come true. I haven’t stopped working with my favorite make-up and skin care brands ever since !” -Cloe Luu

But the biggest highlight of Cloe’s career to date, is to land her dream job with a brand she’s always loved and supported : Kinship

Businesses are going online since the pandemic, that led to the high demand in content creation to keep up their presence online and to stay connected with their customers.

When most people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, Cloe Luu was able to land a job quicker because of the high demand for content creators. 

In the end, what matters for Cloe is to tell a story. And her own story is turning into a fairy tale. 

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