10 Weird and Funny Celebrity Hairstyles

Who else likes funny celebrity hairstyles?  Celebrities are a big part of the world today. In the fashion and beauty industry, celebrities are the pacesetters and trend makers. What they wear and how they look reflects greatly on what the public consumes. It is why definers and hairdressers give their best in introducing new styles and designs on the red carpet for people to see.

Even so, not all the trends and styles that celebrities wear are suitable for everyday use. To maneuver through everyday life, you need a simple and easy-to-wear style and design. However, this is not always what the celebrities will present to the world. On some red carpet events like the met gala, it is common to see celebrities with weird hairstyles that are not in any way replaceable for the common ordinary person. While some of the hairstyles are admirable, some are very funny to look at. Here are 10 weird and funny celebrity hairstyles you may not have heard about.

1. Bright and Bold Colors

Nicki Minaj tops the list of some of the celebrities who enjoy weird hairstyles on the red carpet. On several occasions, Nicki Minaj has shown up for events with brightly colored hair. Some of the colors she has rocked include bright pinks, greens, and purples. Below are some pictures with examples of such colors.

2. Multi-Coloring

Going bright and bold with the colors in hairstyles is not the only weird thing about some celebrity hairstyles. Multi-coloring is pretty common among them. Colors can be random, or very particular to mimic animal print, rainbow colors, or couture outfits.

3. Big Hair

Celebrities seem to enjoy wearing big hair. It may be a great idea for them because they do not mind the attention. Lady Gaga seems to have a soft spot for big hair in public. Here a picture of her rocking dramatic big hair:

funny celebrity hairstyles

Photo Credit: David-Linvingstong/Getty Images

4. Accessories

Sometimes the hairstyle is embedded on the accessories used. Some celebrities like Lily Collins at the 2019 Met Gala have gone all out with adding accessories in their hair.

5. The big chop

Celebrities seem to have an easy time chopping their hair to bring out a new trend on red carpets. So many celebrities have surprised fans with short hairstyles, ranging from Mohawks to funky bobs. Here is an awesome example of how well you can put your Braun series 9 to good use:

funny celebrity hairstyles

Photo Credits: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

6. Big Afro

Rocking an afro on the red carpet is not new. While anyone can try to rock an afro, not everyone can do it as the celebrities do. An excellent example is how Lupita Nyong’o wore a bog afro with gold afro picks in her hair at the 2019 Met Gala.

7. Hair Costume

Other than bows, scarfs, and accessories, celebrities are pretty big on putting on costumes for their hairstyles. The costume is usually to coordinate with the outfit they have on, like how Cara Delevingne showed up for the 2019 Met Gala.

funny celebrity hairstyles

Photo Credits: David Fisher/REX

8. Extremely Long Extensions

Celebrities do not hold back from wearing long extensions. Some are acceptably long, while others come in the way of proper sitting. Jennifer Lopez has once shown up to the red carpet with 50-inch extensions.

9. Medusa Braiding

Like the snakes on Medusa’s head, some celebrities have rocked snake-like braids, including Christiana Aguilera in the 2001 World Music Awards.

10. Dyed Short Hair

It may be okay to color your hair, but not exactly in the ways celebrities dye their short hair.

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