What’s in Your Touch-Up Makeup Bag?

Before you begin your first day of the school year, you’re definitely going to make sure you are all glammed up and have a fresh face on, right? So we’ll have to ask you this: what’s in your touch-up makeup bag? You have to make good first impressions since you might run into some people you know or a few that you want to get to know better.  Whatever the reason, you want to keep your makeup looking fresh all day, and by 3 pm, after you have been running around trying to locate your classes, your makeup would have most likely melted away or faded. Below we’ll help prepare you for your first day back with this miracle touch-up makeup bag checklist!

What you will need:

Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Wipes
After a long day, your face may appear oily, but no worries, just grab a Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Wipe and blot your face with it! After removing all the excess oils, your face will be ready for you to apply press powder.

Pressed Powder
After applying concealer, use a pressed powder of your choice to finish up the look for the rest of the day. One inexpensive press powder that I love is N.Y.C’s Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder.

Stain Gloss
To start off the day, you will want to choose a lip stain that will not fade too quickly. To keep your makeup looking fresh, you should re-apply the lip stain while you are touching up your makeup. One of the lip stains I would suggest using is Lip Tar Stain Gloss by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics; they come in fifteen gorgeous shades.
Eye Liner
We all know that our eyeliners are always fading or smudging, so make sure you are carrying around the same one that you have previously used. A Q-tip will also come in handy to clean up some of the smudging with out getting it all over your eyelids.
You are going to want to re-apply your blush because it would have definitely faded away by now. I love using the Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush but you can really use any one that you want. Once you are done your face should be looking as good as it did that morning.
Featured Photo Courtesy of Mark Baylor via Flickr Creative Commons

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