Unhappy With The Way Your Breasts Look

Unhappy With The Way Your Breasts Look

Are you unhappy with the way your breast look? A study recently found that 71% of women were unhappy with their breasts. Almost half of those studied thought their breasts were too small, while 23% wished they were smaller.

Why are we so bothered by our boobs? It’s largely because breasts are seen as a symbol of womanhood and many women view them as the key to attractiveness. Of course, in reality, there is no perfect pair and there’s so much more to being a woman – but it’s hard to shake off societal expectations.

So what can you do if you don’t like the look of your breasts? Fortunately, there are many things you can do to alter their appearance and become less self conscious. This post offers a few tips.

Use a push-up bra

Push-up bras are one effective way to make your boobs look more perky. They contain extra padding and are designed to lift up your breasts. 

Push-up bras come in all different shapes and sizes for different types of breast. It’s important that you find the right bra for you. On top of choosing the right size, think about the position of your breasts. If your breasts are quite close together, a plunge bra will help to emphasise your cleavage. If your breasts are further apart, a balconette bra may be better suited.

Some people find push-bras uncomfortable, but this usually comes down to not choosing the right size. You should also make sure to choose a good quality bra – know when to throw away an older bra that may be getting worn. Check out this guide to some of the best push-up bras

Try breast enhancers

Breast enhancers are sometimes known as chicken fillets. They are small lumps of silicone that you place in your bra. They are different to the pads found in push-up bras, but serve the same function, helping to give small busts an extra boost.

Choosing the right size and shape is essential, not just for an effective look, but in order to guarantee comfort. There are companies that allow you to produce custom breast enhancers made to your dimensions. These are typically a better option than generic breast enhancers. 

Improve your posture

Your posture can have a big impact on the way your breasts look. When you stand up tall with your shoulders back, your chest is pushed forward, which makes your boobs look bigger.

Try to avoid walking with a hunch. Not only does this make your breasts appear smaller, but it’s not good for your spine and will make you appear less confident. Adapting one’s posture isn’t easy as many of us sit and stand in a certain way without putting much thought into it. At first, you may have to make a conscious effort to put your shoulders back and keep your head high – eventually it will be something you start to do naturally. 

Wear the right clothing

Certain clothing can make your figure more flattering and could make your bust appear bigger – or smaller if this is something you’d prefer.

To make your breasts look bigger, try to create the illusion of an hourglass figure. Wearing clothing with a cinched waist or wearing an obi belt can be one way of doing this. Certain dresses may also have extra padding around the breast area to add volume. You can also wear clothes that improve your posture to keep your shoulders back (a bra strap clip is always handy too).

Want your breasts to appear smaller? If you find your breasts to be too large and distracting for certain situations, you may find that it’s better to dress in looser clothing such as cardigans and oversized shirts. Wearing a jacket can also conceal them. You should also stick to more conservative necklines, but avoid turtlenecks as these can draw attention to the body’s curves. 

Consider getting surgery

Surgery is a drastic option, but one that could ultimately make you happier with the way your breasts look. Breast augmentation surgery includes enlargement or reduction. It has become much more popular and accessible in recent years.

There’s a lot to consider before going under the knife. Firstly, can you afford it? Your medical insurance will likely not cover it, so you’ll need to raise the funds yourself. Choosing a reputable doctor is important. Such doctors should have a lot of experience and good reviews. When sizing up, you will be advised of a maximum size and there may be different types of implant and incision that you can choose from. 

Recovery from breast surgery takes time and you may want to book some time off work. Make sure that you’re fully aware of what to do during recovery such as how to manage sleep after breast augmentation and how to keep any incisions clean. This will ensure that it heals properly and that there is no infection or implant rejection. Many patients undergo multiple surgeries throughout their life – after 15 years you may need new implants. 

Learn to love your flaws

Unhappy With The Way Your Breasts LookWe all have features we don’t like, and we can live our life worrying about them or learn to accept them. It’s much healthier to accept our breasts and be content with them. Studies found that those more satisfied with their breasts were more likely to care for them – including carrying out checks that can help detect problems like breast cancer early.

To become more body positive, start focusing on your best assets. List the parts of your body that people have complimented or that you are proud of. Try to ignore beauty standards and spend less time on platforms like social media.

When it comes to learning to love your boobs, you may find that you’re better off not making efforts to enhance or conceal them. Instead, dress comfortably and focus on drawing attention to the parts of your body you love. Attractiveness is not all about how you look but how you compose yourself – try to relax in social situations and focus on being fun and friendly.

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