Top Time Saving Beauty Hacks Every Busy Woman Should Know

Top Time Saving Beauty Hacks Every Busy Woman Should Know


Beauty can be a full-time job! As busy professionals and homemakers, it can be difficult for women to find time to do their hair and makeup every morning. Nevertheless, we are here to help you simplify your routine so that you can get a little bit of time back in your day. There are countless videos and articles dedicated to certain routines or products to help women stay low maintenance. These tips and tricks help reduce the time spent on haircare or makeup in the morning. With these time saving beauty hacks below, you can simplify your morning routine and get back some much-needed snooze time! Let’s get into it.

Hack #1: Multi-Use Makeup Products

In the fast-paced world we live in, efficiency is key! Multi-use makeup products are a game-changer, offering convenience, saving time, and simplifying your beauty routine. Multi-use products, like a lip and cheek tint or a BB cream with SPF, help you streamline your makeup process. And you can even use a brown eyeliner to create fake freckles. A few swipes of a single product can give you a fresh, polished look in minutes.

Hack #2: Eyebrow Tint

Do you have sparse or light brows? Are you having to fill them in or even draw them every single morning? Well throw away your brow pencils—you can save so much time by tinting your brows at home! Eyebrow tinting can give you a filled-in, defined look that lasts 3-4 weeks. With the Godefroy Instant Brow Tint, you can skip the salon and tint your brows at home. It only takes a few minutes to apply, and the formulation is 100% waterproof. This tint specifically also contains plant-based eyebrow dye ingredients, perfect for sensitive skin.

Hack #3: Brow Lamination

To avoid touching your eyebrows at all in the morning, you can also add brow lamination to your routine. Eyebrow lamination is a technique that uses a chemical solution to set the hair in place and can last 4-6 weeks. This can be done at home or professionally. Eyebrow lamination will ensure your brows stay shaped exactly how you want them, making eyebrow gels or brow brushes unnecessary in the morning. Paired with an eyebrow tint, your brows will be set and ready for weeks!

Hack #4: Lash Lift

Similar to eyebrow lamination, lash lifts will set your lashes in a long-lasting style. Lash lifts, like brow laminations, use chemicals to semi-permanently set the lashes in the desired shape. They can last four to eight weeks and are mostly done professionally. A lash lift will give you a lifted look and make your lashes appear longer. You can skip mascara or falsies in the morning by having your lashes perfectly curled when you wake up.

Hack #5: Eyelash Extensions

We all know how time-consuming applying false eyelashes can be. If you like a more dramatic look, eyelash extensions can save you time by eliminating the need to apply glue and false eyelashes. They last three to six weeks and deliver a natural to dramatic result, depending on the style of lashes. You can apply extensions at home using cluster lashes or get them professionally done by a lash technician.

Time Saving Beauty Hacks

Hack #6: Overnight Hair Styles

To wake up with picture-perfect hair, use overnight techniques to style your hair. Curling rods and rollers are a great alternative to styling tools that can be damaging and time-consuming. There are many overnight curling rods available online or in stores. Overnight styles require minimal effort and are easy to undo in the morning. Most of the time, you don’t need any other products to style your hair. These styles are long-lasting and can be reset again at night to maintain the look.

Time Saving Beauty Hacks


Many beauty routines require hours of dedication just to feel put together, and we understand you want to leave the house looking and feeling your best. However, the time-saving tips provided are designed to significantly reduce the hours spent in front of the mirror or under styling tools. Embracing these strategies not only saves time but also allows for more moments to enjoy the things you love, or more time to sleep in. Remember, beauty should enhance your life, not consume it. Thanks for reading!

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