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TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Glamour Collection

Awards season has left us all lusting after shimmering floor length dresses and silky, windswept hair styled to precise perfection. Although we don’t have access to the superb stylists of the red carpet to play dress up with every morning, TONI&GUY has released a collection of styling products that can give your hair Hollywood glamour without all of the high maintenance fuss.1677-434445-TG_P_GL_FHH_300x300_00

The TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe Glamour Collection is a set of two styling products that will change the texture and hold of your style while giving you an elegant edge. The Firm Hold Hairspray is a light mist that offers a firm hold to even the most intricate of hair styles. It offers anti-static and anti-humidity protection to shield hair from any weather-thrown curveballs. Use a few spritzes for subtle definition on a messier style, or apply a more gratuitous amount for a heavier hold; no matter how little or much you use of this product, the Firm Hold Hairspray will envelope your hair in its grip and ensure the lasting power of your style from sunrise to sunset.1677-434068-TG_P_GL_VPW_300x300_00

The Volume Plumping Whip is a creamy styling whip that amps up the volume and texture of dull, flat hair. Work a small dollop of the whip through damp hair and style with heat or diffusion to envelope hair in full body hold that is remnant of runway-worthy style. This lightweight whip builds density and texture without weighing hair down, giving hair a lush, radiant finish that even red carpet stylist’s would envy.

– by Amanda Curran

Photo’s courtesy of Renee Bertrand and TONI&GUY Hair Meet Wardrobe.

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