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Is Blow Drying Hair bad or is it a Hair Myth?

Is Blow Drying Hair bad or is it a Hair Myth?

Is blow drying hair bad or is it a myth? If you enjoy blow drying your hair, you’re not alone! The hair dryer was invented in 1888 by Alexandre Godefroy to speed up the drying process. It has been enjoyed ever since! Are you asking yourself the question, is blow drying hair bad?

In this article, you’ll get to discover whether blow drying your hair is good, or if it leads to damaged hair. Read on to discover the secret behind that dryer you use to decide if it’s worth it.

Blow Drying vs Air Drying

Time to answer the age-old question, whether air drying or blow-drying your hair is better? Could air drying your hair not be healthy? When your hair has water in it, this causes weakness and weighs it down. When you let it air dry, it takes longer to dry, so this leads to more cracks and swells.  This cracking and swelling can lead to damaged hair.

Is blow drying hair bad

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How Do You Dry Hair the Right Way?

When you first get out of the shower, you’ll want to towel dry your hair. Some hair towels are better at trapping the moisture than others, so shop these hair towels.

To dry your hair properly, squeeze and blot any moisture out. Before beginning with your hairdryer, use a heat-protectant spray on your hair.  Next, use your hairdryer on a low speed and heat setting.

Have your hairdryer a good distance from your head, and move it around while drying. You always want to take it slow, and on a low setting, to avoid breakage and split ends.

Work Fast

While blow drying your hair, you’ll want to work fast and not spend too much time on any part of your hair. Your best bet is to let it air dry for a bit before using your blow dryer.

Don’t Use It Everyday

Is blow drying hair bad

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The days you choose not to blow dry your hair, why not rock different styles such as a high ponytail, or french braids? Once you let your hair down, you can have beautiful beach waves from the braids.

Rinse Your Shampoo and Conditioner Out

First, make sure that you’re using the correct shampoo for your needs. This could mean volumizing, anti-frizz, etc. Before getting out of the shower, make sure that you rinsed the shampoo and conditioner out fully. When it’s stuck in your hair, it can cause buildup over time. This can make your hair greasier and flat.

Never Tug

Before you begin blow drying your hair, use a soft brush to get any knots out. Avoid tugging at your hair to detangle it during the blow drying process. This can cause split ends and other damage.

For Volume

Do you wish you had more volume to your hair? When you’re almost done blow-drying, turn your hair upside down. Make sure that you’re bending over, and have your hair hanging toward the ground.

While doing this, comb or brush your hair in the direction it’s facing while blow drying it. This will help avoid tangling and help increase the volume of your hair.

Use Clean Sections

As you’re blow-drying your hair, you’ll want to do it in sections. Make sure to clip pieces of your hair back to help speed up the process. This will help prevent too much heat on your hair.

Choosing a Hair Dryer

It’s important to invest in a good hair dryer for quicker hair drying and hair safety. First, choose one that has controls for speed and temperature. You can also choose a hair dryer that comes with a flow diffuser, to get a wider area while blow-drying.  Keep in mind that the larger the attachment is, the slower your hair will dry.

Hair Length Matters

Whether your hair is short, medium, or long, you’ll want to come up with your own action-plan specific to the length of your hair. For medium hair that needs an extra boost, you can spray a volumizer at your roots, and use a leave-in conditioner at the ends.

For bangs, use a round and big brush. You’ll want to dry the ends and sides without a brush until they’re almost dry. Next, you can dry your whole head at once.

For long hair, make sure to use a shine serum at the ends of your hair. Separate your hair into sections before beginning.  For short hair, use a heat-protectant leave-in conditioner in your hair. If your hair is thinner, you’ll want to only use it on the bottom half of your hair.

Separate your hair into sections. Use a flat brush on the back first. Once the back is complete, then do the sides. After this, you can unclip your hair, and dry the rest.

Washing Your Hair the Right Way

Only wash your hair once while in the shower, never repeat. Try to avoid washing your hair every day to help avoid using heat on it daily. When first applying shampoo, apply it to the scalp, and then work it downward.

If you notice you have an itchy scalp, avoid putting conditioner on your roots. Instead, place it in the middle to end sections. Allow the conditioner to sit for a minute-a few minutes to let it sit in and work.  You can also brush the conditioner through your hair to make sure that it gets all throughout.

Answering the Question, Is Blow Drying Hair Bad?

Now that you know the answer to, is blow drying hair badly, you should be well on your way to shiny and sleek hair. Are you looking for more beauty and styling advice? Check out our other beauty articles today for everything fashion and beauty, to look like you just walked off the catwalk.

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