Summer Hair Tips From Celebrity Stylist Ryan Nickulas

There is no such thing as too many beauty tips, and when you can get them from a celebrity stylist, it’s even better! Ryan Nickulas is the owner of the Ryan Darias salon in NYC. He has styled some of your favorite A-list celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Isaac Mizrahi, and more. Here, we found out Nickulas’ favorite hair trends for the summer, his inspiration, and how he juggles it all.

Cliché: How did you get started as a celebrity stylist? What inspired you?
Ryan Nickulas: When you’re a hairstylist in NYC, opportunities can come knocking at any time, which is why I believe in always being ready, willing, and humble. I met my first big client in a CVS. She was crying and trying to figure out how to cover a major salon mistake with box color. I ended up inviting her to my apartment and fixing her hair. I felt so bad for her. This woman was so thankful she sent me to her boss. She was an actress on a major television show. I still do her hair today.

Who has been your favorite celebrity to work with?
Pamela Anderson is one of the most iconic blondes in the industry. She always keeps it sexy, which is classic in the beauty world.

What is your favorite hair or beauty trend for summer?
Embracing and owning your natural texture is a must this summer, especially when it comes to rocking those beach waves and sun-and-salt-kissed curls.

One thing we all need to know is how to deal with humidity and our hair. Do you have any tips?
Humidity peaks in the summertime, so be sure to learn the best way to air-dry hair. Start with a damp bun, pigtail braids or a beach wave spray; allow to dry naturally into beautiful texture.

If you could give one piece of advice to your 20-year-old self, what would it be?
Trust your gut, because it’s always going to be right. When you are not right, always remember the joy is in the journey.

Embracing and owning your natural texture is a must this summer, especially when it comes to rocking those beach waves and sun-and-salt-kissed curls.

It’s hard to balance a business, twins, and a fitness routine. How do you juggle them all?
Time management and learning to prioritize are priceless, as is going to bed early and getting adequate rest. And having an amazing nanny doesn’t hurt!

We understand that you work for charitable organizations such as God’s Love We Deliver, Green Chimneys, and the Ali Forney Center. What made you work with those organizations specifically?
I chose these organizations specifically because they provide aid for people who are unable to help themselves in their specific capacities, such as homeless LGBTQ youth, which is a cause near and dear to my heart.

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Summer Hair Tips From Celebrity Stylist Ryan Nickulas: Photographed by Marco Ovando

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