Three Must-Try Products From LUSH

LUSH lovers know how difficult it is to leave the mall without carrying the entire store back home with them, but for those of you who have yet to experience LUSH, you need to make a visit – ASAP! We understand that you may need a reason why, so here are three must-try products from LUSH that are not only extremely popular but are also representative of the company’s love for a good pamper sesh (something we could all use regardless of age!).
Kick off your night with your favorite therapeutic bath bomb. If you don’t have one, ask any of the LUSH employees; they’re always friendly, fun, and eager to find a bath bomb suitable for your wants and/or needs. A well-loved bath bomb is “Twilight” because its lavender and tonka absolute will help you “fight demons of insomnia and soothe your stressed out body and mind.”

Twilight Bath Bomb $6 (edited)

“Twilight” Bath Bomb ($6.25)

After or during your bath, use a fresh facial mask. Remember, when you pamper yourself, you want to pamper all of you. A perfect facial mask is “BB Seaweed” because it works well on all skin types while also making your skin feel refreshed and clean before bed.
BB Seaweed $6.95

“BB Seaweed” Fresh Facial Mask ($6.95)

Wrap up the night with one of my favorite products – the massage bar (my go-to is “Pearl”).  Made with essential oils, the bar melts on contact with your skin. Within seconds, you’ll notice how silky, glistening, and baby soft your skin is, not to mention the amazing smell that will sweetly linger throughout the night.
Pearl Massage Bar $10 (edited)

“Pearl” Massage Bar ($10.95)

If you’re concerned or curious about the ingredients used in LUSH products, you can find this information from LUSH’s well-informed and knowledgeable employees, their website and monthly booklets, their bottled and container filled products, and their notecards for products that are package-free.
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Photos Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics & Featured Imaged Courtesy of LUSH Cosmetics at Garden State Mall

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