The Wet Brush Saved My Life

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The title says it all! Well, sort of. If you haven’t heard of The Wet Brush already, then listen up! Do you have thick, unruly hair or hair that always seems to be tangled (even though you just brushed it)? Those with long hair or color treatments either have too much to comb through or damaged hair that needs some extra love.
Throw away whatever brush you’re currently using (you might as well rid yourself of all of them) because the wet brush is going to meet all of your needs. Your hair is already damaged thanks to years of dying, drying, curling, flattening, and weaving. So, brushing your hair should be a relaxing experience that leaves hair soft to the touch, but sometimes, that’s not always the case.
Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 8.32.27 PMNot anymore. When I first purchased The Wet Brush, I was highly skeptical and ready to return the brush when it failed. However, after my I brushed my wet hair with this brush, I couldn’t believe what I was feeling—or lack of feeling. It was completely painless! Wet or dry, The Wet Brush only combs one layer of your hair at a time with its unique bristles that will not tear from the brush or get stuck in your hair. According to The Wet Brush’s website, “IntelliFlex™ bristles are thin, strong, and very flexible. The adaptive flexibility of IntelliFlex™ eliminates all tugging, tearing, pulling and ripping. No split ends, no hair loss. It provides healthy brushing and detangling.” Wet or dry, hair is quickly combed through without pieces of breakage or clumps of hair scattered across my bedroom floor, and to top it all off: your hair feels like silk after it’s brushed.
The wet brushed saved my hair from further damage and can certainly do the same for you. Find them on in many colors and limited edition patterns!
Feature Image and Post Photos Courtesy of The Wet Brush

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