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VermaDerm Technologies for A Variety Of Aesthetic Treatments

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Why you should use VermaDerm technologies for a variety of aesthetic treatments. Aesthetic treatments are becoming more diverse with considerations on new and innovative methods every day. More individuals are striving for healthy-looking skin devoid of blemishes and scars. The use of technologies to achieve a flawless look is forever unmatched in the aesthetic industry, and it is taking the world by storm.

VermaDerm technologies are regarded as one of the best available technologies for a wide range of aesthetic treatments, including body contouring, skin tightening, and skin rejuvenation. This technology offers a seamless and revolutionary approach to skincare, and the non-invasive technique makes it the most preferred method of aesthetic treatment.

Each of these treatments has its unique features which are characterized depending on patient needs and want:

  • Body contouring
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Everybody wants their dream body without having to go through rigorous exercises to maintain it. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may e challenging and tedious. Body contouring assists patients to remove unwanted fat from their problem areas and depositing them into their preferred target areas.

VermaDerm (LP IR) technologies are the ideal non-invasive circumferential reduction option. Treatment can be done in a quick and easy operation that is rapid, painless, and requires no recovery time. There are instant benefits that can be seen as early as the first treatment, and desired therapeutic outcomes can be attained through a series of sessions.

Radio-frequency (RF) energy is used to target sub-dermal fat tissue during treatment. As a result of the heat, fat cells decrease in size, and the correct body contour is achieved.

  • Skin tightening

With VermaDerm technologies, the skin is tightened as the collagen fibers contract as a result of the RF and/or IR radiation. Furthermore, they encourage the fibroblasts to produce new collagen, resulting in long-term skin tightening and body contouring benefits.

SharpLight Technologies introduces Rapid Tight, a stand-alone device that uses VermaDerm long-pulse infrared technology to provide your clients with safe and effective skin tightening treatments.

Each technology has a distinct feel, but they are all extremely relaxing. The DPC emits light pulses, which cause minor stinging sensations in certain patients. You can feel your skin warming up as the VermaDerm technology penetrates deeper into the skin. The Rapid Tight employs infrared-based VermaDerm technology, which is widely regarded as the most effective method of skin tightening.

  • Skin rejuvenation

The safety and effectiveness of DPC technology have been shown in multiple clinical studies and it has been used to remove unwanted hair, decrease and eliminate active acne, rejuvenate the skin, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, improve textural imperfections as well as reduce unwanted pigmented and vascular lesions.

Several treatments are necessary to get long-term skin rejuvenation outcomes. The body aims to develop new collagen and other proteins throughout each treatment, which helps the skin regain its youthful appearance.

How it works

This infrared technology employs a long-pulsed wavelength ranging from 850 to 1750 nm, capable of penetrating the skin to depths of up to 4mm. Energy is delivered in short bursts with variable fluency, which can be used to control the thermal effect and the temperatures reached different depths.

Dynamic Pulse ControlTM (DPC) technology is used in both the OmniMax and Rapid lines of devices. SharpLight’s flagship technology is DPC, which is an improvement on IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). Unlike IPL, aestheticians can pick from three pulse configurations while employing DPC: smooth, long, or high. This versatility allows for a variety of thermal effects, including specific tissue heating for neocollagenesis, enhanced heat to stimulate epidermal regeneration and establish a secondary wound-healing response, and induced thermal damage for lesion clearing.

The resulting infrared radiation is absorbed by the intracellular fluid, which heats and contracts the collagen fibers softly. Repeated heating cycles are used to produce long-term skin tightening and firmness. The epidermis is safeguarded during the treatment by a built-in sapphire contact cooling system, which does not harm surrounding tissue.

VermaDermThe VermaDerm treatment is virtually painless. The hands-free RF equipment is passed over the treatment region after the patient is comfortable in the office. The best part is that we can treat numerous regions at once. During the treatment, you may feel a warm sensation on your skin. If you are experiencing any discomfort, you can interrupt your treatment at any time. The majority of patients, on the other hand, claim to have had little or no pain.

Benefits of VermaDerm technologies

Beauty clinics and spas will hugely benefit from the Rapid Tight technologies. Existing practices can expand their capabilities by adding a Rapid Tight device, while new practices can immediately create income by offering sought-after skin tightening treatments. This technology offers versatility in beauty and aesthetic practices and broadens up the aesthetic space to accommodate innovative methods of beauty.

The Rapid Tight technology which provides the VermaDerm treatment is a single-technology device that is inexpensive and still offers a wide range of treatments. Beauticians and physicians can incorporate this low-cost strategy and expand their business immensely.

VermaDerm technologies have a simple and intuitive user interface. The configuration options are simple to use and will allow the user to utilize them for a variety of treatments throughout the day. The physicians can navigate the controls effortlessly and with ease, as all the set parameters are readily available.

SharpLight develops and manufactures non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments for hair removal, body and facial contouring, acne improvement, pigmented and vascular lesion reduction, and tattoo removal, among other things. These conditions are common in the aesthetic space, with various clients seeking long-lasting treatment.

The company specializes in aesthetics, and VermaDerm technologies have revolutionized treatment effectiveness, comfort, and speed. SharpLight’s OmniMax and Rapid series aesthetic workstations are multi-technology and stand-alone aesthetic workstations that use DPC, Radiofrequency, VermaDerm, and Laser technologies.

Using cutting-edge technology, aestheticians can change the entire beauty industry landscape and aim to include several beauty spas into the VermaDerm technologies. With the above benefits and advantages to VermaDerm treatment, incorporating these treatments in a large-scale manner will aid in easy accessibility, thus maintaining skin care interest.

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