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All of us have a bit of a perfume connoisseur within us. The amount of scents out there are literally endless. Now if only the amount of dollar signs in our bank accounts was too! I’m the first to say that some perfumes out there aren’t always the most affordable. The higher quality of a perfume bottle the more expensive its pricing is — this goes for whatever brand it was created by as well. When collecting new perfumes we aren’t only met with the high prices, but the decreasing of space to store them. It is no lie that we love to display those gorgeous perfume bottles, but we all don’t have the space. A Sephora-sized wall display would definitely do the job! So what do you do when these two negative spaces walk into your perfume loving life? Well, you turn over to Scentbird, a designer perfume subscription service made with your perfume wishes in mind. Scentbird offers a 30-day supply of perfume at your choosing for an affordable $14.95 a month — way less than what you would spend on one full designer perfume alone. You’ll be able to still choose from your favorite designer brands though from the 350 luxury scents available, including Chloe, Dior, Viktor&Rolf, Hermes, Gucci, and more. Each one is sent to you in a modern to-go packaging that you can easily store in your purse/luggage and take wherever you go.
Need help choosing a perfume? Scentbird has got you covered for that, too! The site provides a detailed, quick and easy questionnaire to help design your own personal perfume selection. You’ll have your very own scent profile created from the questions and a queue of fragrances you can pick from during the months you are subscribed. Each month the perfume you choose is delivered to you with the price of $14.95 including shipping. The subscription process provided on Scentbird allows you to cancel at anytime or set up a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription to acquire more savings.
Perfume wall
If you’re looking to try out more perfumes or widen your range, Scentbird is just for you. It also makes a fabulous gift for this upcoming Valentine’s Day for your best friend or loved one.
For 25% off your first month from Scentbird, enter the code Scent25. A big thank you to Scentbird for this offer! Are you ready to purchase your Scentbird subscription? I know I already am!
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Scentbird Designer Fragrances: Photos courtesy of Scentbird

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