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Hair Care Tips For Winter

Steaming cups of your favorite latte and snuggling down inside cozy blankets in front of a roaring fireplace are perfect remedies to beating the cold on a winter’s day, but when it comes to protecting your hair, they don’t do very much. Despite the oversized blanket scarves, knitted headbands, and slouchy beanies that we wear, the cold always seems to find its way right to our hair. Instead of luxurious locks like we see on commercials, we’re left with dry ends, tangled messes, and more bad hair days than we can count. Luckily, Cliché is right here at your rescue—keep your hair protected throughout the winter with hair care tips that will help your hair feel and look refreshed at all times. Featuring two beauty brands, Davines OI and Tara Smith Haircare, that have kept my own locks safe this winter; this post will leave you ready to take on any snow storm with fabulous hair on your head. 
Hair Care Tip Number One: Conditioner is your best friend.
The winter season is a time when your hair is stripped most from moisture and nutrition that it needs; in order to keep it hydrated, conditioner is a must-have product. Lather a creamy conditioner made with natural, moisturizing ingredients with vitamins into your hair, focusing more so on your ends. Davines OI Conditioner works wonders for all kinds of hair, while Tara Smith’s Working Curls Conditioner is a savior for all my fellow curly cues out there. Try adding a deep conditioning mask into your routine once a week as well for extra safety.

Hair Care Tip Number Two: Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be washing your hair as often as you may think. Set it to a maximum of three times a week to keep locks from drying out.
When you do give your hair a wash, massage a matching natural shampoo into your scalp that doesn’t strip your hair so much. Davines OI Shampoo, which offers a delicate and creamy consistency, works for all types just as its conditioning companion does. Tara Smith’s Working Curls Shampoo is a perfect first step before using the matching conditioner—I for one know how much shampoo can affect curls. Smith’s formula is made with curls in mind, being free from harsh chemicals and nourishing your hair’s texture.

Hair Care Tip Number Three: Leave-in spray treatments and oils are the extra boost your hair needs.
Add shine and softness to your hair with an enriching spray product like Davines OI All In One Milk. Not only does it help detangle any kind of hair you may have, but it smells phenomenal. Once spritzed and disbursed throughout, your hair instantly feels refreshed. When it’s dry, follow up with Davines OI Oil or Tara Smith’s Shining Moment Glosser to really show off your locks in all their healthy, beautiful glory.

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Photographs courtesy of Davines OI and Tara Smith Haircare

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