Rachel Ann Mullins’ Beauty Must-Haves

SONY DSCRachel Ann Mullins is anything but a one-trick pony. This model, actress, writer, and producer has been on several TV shows such as Happy Endings and Dont Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, appeared in magazines like Maxim, Supermodel Magazine, and Playboy, and is even working on her own feature films and a book. Her latest project? Appearing in the Entourage movie, out June 3.
“I had an amazing time shooting my scene with Debi Mazar and Bob Saget while I was naked and covered in sushi for hours,” Mullins recalls of production. “Debi Mazer tweeted a picture of us on set and it’s still flying all over the Internet.”
A big part of Mullins’ job is, without a doubt, staying beautiful. And with the summer season officially upon us, we asked her about her summer beauty secrets. “A summer beauty routine is all about getting a look that is quick and breezy, but also effective,” Mullins says. “The best way to change up beauty products for the warmer months is to trade out textures. Go from pencil to creme and switch up those powders for gels. Sun and heat will only improve the blendability of these products and produce a more natural look while the day goes on.”
If anyone would know about long workdays, it’s Mullins. With most of her time spent filming scenes and posing for photographs, Mullins says there are times when reapplication just isn’t an option. “While I’m on set, my face needs to look the same after 10 takes,” Mullins explains. “Getting my look right the first time is essential.”
After much thought, Mullins was able to gather her top 5 beauty must-haves for the summer—but it didn’t come easy, she says. “[This] was definitely a challenge,” she says of the task. “However, if I ever find myself to be a Ginger in a Gilligan’s Island situation, I know what will be in my makeup bag before cocktail hour with the professor.” (Insert wink-face emoji here.)
Thibiant Beverly Hills
“I’m obsessed with products that integrate sunscreen,” Mullins says. “I like to layer my SPF products, but it’s not necessary. As much as I love shoes, I don’t want to look like an old [lady] due to sun damage. My go-to day moisturizer contains SPF 15 and I use it as a base. Thibiant Beverly Hills makes all sorts of products, but Moisture Perfect is my staple product. It leaves my skin feeling spa-fresh every day. I also like to build off of that with a primer that includes a sunscreen. My primer of choice is, of course, none other than Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30/PA+++. Getting primer deep into the creases of my face makes all the difference in the world for a smooth look that lasts.”
The Balm
The Balm makes the cutest cream blush palette called, ‘How ‘Bout Them Apples.’ It has six different colors for rosy cheeks,” Mullins says. “I like to custom blend a couple colors at once to achieve my desired look for that day. Starting at the fattest part of my cheeks, I use the tiniest dab of color on a stippling brush. Then I blend outward, making tight circles with the brush. Flawless cream blush applications look positively edgeless.  Heat really only helps this type of blush blend, plus this palette also doubles for lip gloss.”
Brow Gel
“Remember: we are reworking product textures to withstand the sun while out yachting or just from rays beaming into our office windows,” Mullins reminds us. “One of my personal mantras is, ‘The eyebrows are the picture frame of the face.’ During the cooler months, our trusty brow pencils are just great. However, when the temperatures are on the rise, our brows need something stronger. Palladio brow gel keeps every tiny hair in place while retaining color. Sweating can really do a number on our perfectly filled in brows. Their winning combination of brow gel and powders keeps my eyebrows just where I intended them to be.”
The Balm Stainiac
“Lip stain really is my best friend for a number of reasons,” Mullins says. “My lips really just hate to hold onto any type of color from lipstick or lip gloss. Once again, The Balm to the rescue! Stainiac looks good on everybody—it’s truly foolproof. I use the applicator in the tube to glide it on just right, blending into the edges of my lips. Let it set and it magically stays put without getting dry like a long wear lip color. No need to worry about a base of color. I can just refresh my lips with SPF as the day wears on. This makes for a very natural look. I’ve always thought a full face of makeup at the beach comes off just as silly as it does at the gym.”
Laura Mercier Makeup
“I’m old school when it comes to makeup and I like to set everything with a powder,” Mullins says. “Laura Geller makes a whole slew of summer-ready baked powders. I work very hard on my skin, giving me the option for a light coverage powder. Baked Balance N Brighten Color Correcting Foundation can be used alone or with a liquid base, plus it’s free of parabens and mineral oil. I have it in fair and in medium. I use either color depending on if I have a spray tan or not.”
Be sure to check out Mullins in Entourage, out June 3!
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Rachel Ann Mullins’ Beauty Must-Haves: Images of Rachel Ann Mullins courtesy of Photographer: Chad Graber, MUA: Jennifer Sandovsky, Hair: Lacey Campbell

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