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If you’re looking for a way to add some color to your hair and you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals like bleach, then using hair extensions is the best way. There are a few pros for using hair extensions instead of coloring. One, you can switch you hair color as many times as you want. Two, it will not cause any damage to your hair. Three, the color doesn’t fade or grow out like it does when you dye your hair. I thought this idea was so great that I came up with a list of hair extensions you should try out that will bring a pop of color to your hair.

IRemy is at the top of my list. I own a set of neon pink hair extensions from them and so far they’ve been great. I’ve had my extensions for about four months now and they’re still nice and silky. They are very easy to put on; just divide your hair into sections and clip them in. Just like that, you can totally change your look. Another plus is that IRemy uses actual human hair so you can style it, and it’s the most budget-friendly extension I have found so far.

Satin Strands
If you’re really just trying to have fun with your hair and you’re not trying to pull off these extensions as being your real hair, then you definitely have to try out Satin Strands I-Feather. It is very fun and flirty. All you have to do is clip it into your hair to give it that feather look. The I-Feather comes in three colors—pink, purple and teal—and they can be found in most Sally shops.

Okay, these extensions will definitely cost you; they run about $140 for a set and up. These are the type of extension you would buy if you are looking to keep them in for a while. These extension can be dyed, shampooed, straightened and curled because it is 100% human hair. They’re considered top notch quality, nothing to play around with. These extensions run closer to natural hair colors so you can use them to create high and low lights.

If you’re just looking to play up your look and create a flirty feel then I suggest looking into the first two on this list, but if you’re shopping for a special occasion or are planning on keeping them in for a long time then you really want to go with Remy. I really love the idea of having extensions and being able to switch them around when you feel like. And the best thing: extensions won’t damage your hair.

Photo courtesy of wickedmiche on Flickr

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