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Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore Tells Us About His Plastic Surgery Business

We chat with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore of Albany, New York to find out about the latest trends in cosmetic enhancement and how he keeps his skills sharp and his patients happy. 

Cliché: You’ve been a plastic surgeon for more than 15 years. What has been the most rewarding part of your career thus far?
Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore: The most rewarding part of my job is working with women and men to achieve their goals and feel better about themselves. There is no better feeling than seeing the pride on the faces of people who now feel better about themselves. They stand straighter, hold their heads higher, and project an image of self-confidence that may have been lacking before. To help people regain their self-confidence and feel better about themselves is a privilege that I am lucky to be a part of.
What inspired you to become a plastic surgeon?
I was drawn to plastic surgery because of the artistic element of the profession. While most other fields are fairly algorithmic, with a defined solution to each problem, plastic surgery is different. It is much more interpretive, and the approach to treatment may be varied among surgeons. Just like a painting, where we all may see different aspects, the body and face have unique qualities that each surgeon sees differently. It is important to discuss my approach with each patient and the rational behind the plan. The development of this relationship with a patient is something that has drawn me to plastic surgery.
4You offer several different procedures from breast augmentation to rhinoplasty. Which procedure is requested most, and which is the most difficult to perform?
The most commonly requested and performed procedure in my practice is breast augmentation. This reflects the national trend where breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. I think all of the procedures that I perform have their own unique nuances, and I would hesitate to call any of them easy. Whether it’s working on a person’s body or face, there are many curves and proportions that need to be balanced to achieve the most natural and best results. Much of the success of a procedure comes from the planning, starting with the examination during the initial consultation. By coming up with a detailed and individualized plan before the procedure, the consistency of the result can be maximized. Every face and body is unique, and each needs an individualized approach to surgery.
You seem to take a consultative approach when first meeting with prospective patients. What in your mind sets you apart from other plastic surgeons when speaking with new patients?
There are many plastic surgeons for a patient to choose from, and the consultation is the first step in establishing a rapport. People need to recognize that selecting a plastic surgeon is the start of a relationship where we both need to establish a mutual shared vision. I try to listen to each patient’s concerns and come up with solutions that can meet his or her needs. In many cases, there are a variety of options, and we can discuss the pros and cons of each. By working together, we can establish a plan that fits that person’s individual needs that are unique to each individual. My goal is to have it look like you have never met me, and that you look great all on your own.
What advances in technology over the past few years have you used to grow your business and help reduce risks?
Plastic surgery is a constantly changing field, with advancements in technology, products, and procedures happening all the time. Much of what we now do and how we view a particular problem is different than it was 10 years ago, and we are now able to provide more natural results with limited recovery time. Some of the biggest advances are in injectables, where there are a plethora of options now available. This variety gives us many more options to address a person’s needs, so that we can best tailor the approach for that individual. The advent of injectables allows us to accomplish much of what we do with limited or no recovery time. These can also be combined with surgical and laser procedures to create an almost endless number of combinations, all designed to maximize results while maintaining a natural look and minimizing downtime.
Fat transfer is another developing trend in plastic surgery that is now used as a part of many procedures, from facelifts to buttock enhancement. For the breasts, breast implants have changed dramatically over time, and more options exist than ever before. This gives us far more flexibility to find an implant that best fits your body and creates the look you are hoping to achieve. These are just some of the advances in plastic surgery that have occurred in the recent past and continue to change all the time.
With more than 200 reviews, you have a perfect 5-star client rating, which is very impressive. What is your secret for receiving a perfect review from a patient?
I am honored that some of my patients have taken the time to post reviews, which have become an important part of modern plastic surgery. Not every surgery can come out perfect, as the body can heal in unpredictable ways. But I spend time trying to discuss some of the limitations of a particular procedure before embarking on the surgery. By setting realistic expectations, potential patients can understand what can and can’t be achieved, which makes it easier for them to be satisfied with their results.
What is the No. 1 motivation for you to strive for perfection in every procedure you perform?
The faith that a woman or man places in me by selecting me as their surgeon is something I take very seriously. It is tremendous motivation to strive for the best result possible. Every potential patient is someone’s mother or spouse or family member, and I try to treat each like they are my own family member. I feel very fortunate for the faith that they place in me, and I try my absolute best to help them achieve their goals.
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