Our Not-So-Secret Crush on Sugarlash

The brow and lash game has taken on a whole new meaning with a company that’s making quite the name for itself in the beauty industry. We’d like to introduce you to Courtney Buhler, founder and lead artist of Sugarlash, who shares with us the beginnings of Sugarlash’s continually increasing success, her expertise on the brand, and its correlation to the latest trend of lash lifting. During our interview with Buhler, it didn’t take long for us to realize our not-so-secret crush on Sugarlash. If you’d like to find out for yourself why this brand is amazing, we encourage you to keep reading.

Cliché: What’s your first memory regarding the birth of Sugarlash?
Courtney Buhler: Before I started Sugarlash, I was a lash artist myself running my own lash lounge. I remember sitting at my computer and looking at my Facebook messages; I had so many people asking me to come and train them and asking for product recommendations. At that moment, it suddenly clicked that I needed to start something because these women weren’t finding what they were after. I told my husband that we had to use all of our savings to start a new company…and I assured him that my gut just told me we need to do it (and that yes, I know I’m a bit crazy!).
For those who don’t know, what is Sugarlash and how is it reflective of lash lifting, the latest trend in the beauty industry?
Sugarlash is a fully accredited eyebrow and eyelash extension academy, a global provider of eyelash extensions to pros around the world, a lash lifting service, and a haven of retail items for lash professionals. It’s our goal to always stay on trend and ahead of the curve with anything to do with lashes. Lash lifting is a great addition to lash menus as it attracts a whole new clientele and client type!


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How is lash lifting different from lash extensions? What is it about lash lifting that you like better than lash extensions?
Lash lifting simply curls natural lashes (and darkens if a tint is added) as opposed to extensions, which add length, volume, and have customized shaping to them. The main pro of lash lifting is that it is super low maintenance! The curl lasts for 8+ weeks with no upkeep. Although the results will never be as striking as extensions, for women with naturally long lashes, this can be a great option!
What age group is lash lifting directed toward?
I would say it attracts a wide variety of people: younger girls who are into the super natural look, and also the more mature clientele who aren’t looking for any drama added to their lashes but instead want some lift and definition to their lash line.
What can we expect of lash lifting in the beauty industry? Do you think it will ever surpass the love for lash extensions or false lashes?
I think lifting and extensions compliment each other. For myself, I don’t have natural lashes that are long enough to give me the results I want with a lift, so I prefer extensions. But women who have a ton of long natural lashes will absolutely love the lash lifting effects! There definitely isn’t a one-service-fits-all when it comes to lashes!
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Our Not-So-Secret Crush with Sugarlash: Photos Courtesy of Sugarlash

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