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Her last name might be Mills, but Melanie is no run-of-the-mill makeup artist. In fact, this Emmy-award winning celebrity makeup and skincare expert has a rather impressive résumé, including stints on hit TV shows, films, and fashion shows. Still not impressed? How about working as the head of makeup for Dancing with the Stars for years? During her time at DWTS, Mills perfected GLEAM, a velvety and radiant face and body cream that gives ladies of all skin tones an enviable summer glow. GLEAM now features a full line of high-pigmented long-lasting lip glosses as well as a stunningly radiant body dust. We got the chance to catch up with her for our Melanie Mills Interview, and she shared some of her all-time favorite makeup looks and tips from behind the scenes, including some of her new products from the fabulous GLEAM line.

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Cliché: What makes the GLEAM line of beauty products so effective for both celebrity clients and your everyday makeup lovers?
Melanie Mills: For the pros and celebrities, it’s how gorgeous, airbrushed, and flawless the skin looks on camera. For the everyday makeup lovers, it’s how easy it is to use. A makeup and moisturizer all in one, it glides on and hydrates the skin, yet doesn’t get all over the place. All in all, every shade works on all skin tones with many different end results. Go for a simple glow with a natural kiss of color or instantly bronzed, luscious skin.
After working in this business for years, what are some classic makeup looks that you think have transcended time? What makes these looks so timeless?
Obviously the classic pinup look: flawless skin, full arched eyebrows, wing tip eyeliner, false eyelashes, and a beautiful red pout. Timeless! From pinup to rockabilly, this look is ultra sexy and glamorous. I also love the bronzy dewy skin, smoky eye, and a nude glossy lip look. Even though it’s a more modern look, it will definitely be a timeless classic. Both of these looks are especially flattering.
You’ve worked with a slew of celebrities and at tons of high-profile events. Which celebs/events are the most fun to do makeup for and why?
I love live television—the energy, the live audience, and the celebrities always made work so much fun. Even more so, I love intimate photoshoots where we get to transform someone and create art. Celebs that are fun but down to earth are great to work with, especially when they are  confident in their own skin.
Top 3 Behind-the-Scenes Makeup Tricks
1) Primer: Helps keep shine down, smooths out the skin, and helps the foundation last.
2) Epicurean Eye Makeup Remover (with a latex sponge): Can take anything off quickly, including glitter, and then you can build makeup right back on top.
3) The Beauty Blender: The best tool to smooth out foundation and concealer for a flawless finish.
Tips for Extending Your Summer Glow into the Fall Season
1) Hydrate inside and out!
2) Gleam: The best body makeup moisturizer and glow all in one. It adds a kiss of color or bronze anytime, anywhere.
3) Gleam Radiant Dust Bronzer: Dust anywhere desired on the face or body. It’s a beautiful loose powder that glides on. Use bronze gold or deep gold for that stunning summer glow.

Top 5 Shades for Fall-Inspired Beauty:
Bronze, Rust, Brown, Black, and Purple!

Images courtesy of GLEAM by Melanie Mills

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