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Important Makeup Tips to Consider if you Have Sensitive Skin and Eyes

Important Makeup Tips to Consider if you Have Sensitive Skin and Eyes

Today we want to provide you with important makeup tips to consider if you have sensitive skin and eyes. If you ask anybody, if they have sensitive skin, they will respond with convincing “yes” or “absolutely no”. But only a dermatologist really can tell if you have sensitive skin or whether something else is causing your skin condition.

Factors that cause sensitive skin reactions include overly dry skin, allergic skin reactions, sun, wind, excessive heat, or cold and genetic factors. But sometimes makeup products may cause that problem. 

For identifying signs of allergies that are causing sensitive skin dermatologists use Patch testing. The purpose of this article is to offer you tips on what to consider when purchasing makeup products, to make sure that they are not the reason of your sensitive skin and eyes, and what to do if your cosmetics make your eyes act out.

Let your skin breathe

makeup tips to consider if you have sensitive skin and eyes

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Try to avoid heavy, long-wear foundations as they tend to block pores. It is best to opt for formulas that are relatively light and ‘non-comedogenic. 

Pay attention to ingredients

If you have dry or irritated skin, the number one rule in deciding if the product is a good fit is to check if it contains alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol, denatured alcohol, methanol, isopropyl alcohol, etc.) in the main ingredient list. You do not need extra irritation, dryness, and increased oil production.

Avoid fragranced products

Sensitive skin often reacts badly to perfumed or scented makeup products. Perfume allergies are common in those with sensitive skin and can cause redness, irritation, and rashes.

Use eye drops 

If you have sensitive eyes, ask your doctor if you should use eye drops before putting on your eye makeup, as it’s usually recommended. Such eye drops will help to hydrate the eyes, while also helping with redness.

Clean your makeup brushes properly

You need to make sure to wash your makeup tools and brushes regularly so that bacteria doesn’t accumulate on them, which can cause irritation and runny eyes. Also, make sure the makeup products you use if not too old or expired.

makeup tips to consider if you have sensitive skin and eyes

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Hypoallergenic makeup products

makeup tips to consider if you have sensitive skin and eyes

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If your eyes are sensitive to traditional makeup products, it may be because they contain certain chemicals that irritate your skin and eyes. Try choosing products that are labeled as hypoallergenic. Make sure you use a hypoallergenic mascara, a gentle eyeshadow, and free of irritants eyeliner. 

Use an eye primer

Before applying any eyeshadow or eye makeup, put on a primer first. It helps the makeup adhere better to the skin, so there will be less fallout, which irritates the eyes. Also, the primer will help your makeup last longer, so if there’s any tearing the makeup is more likely to stay put.

Avoid using loose powder

The powder tends to get in the eyes, causing them to tear or itch. Try not to use it and substitute it with compact powder or a finishing makeup setting spray to give your base a nice finish.

Always take off your makeup before bedtime

Lats a tip to remember: no matter how tired you are, always take off your makeup before bed and cleanse your skin very well. This habit will surely pay off in the future.

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