5 Hair Trends You Will See In 2016

Hey there, beautiful! Yes, we’re talking to you! We’re not looking for the perfectly long tousled waves with hair extensions, acrylic nails, and a full-face of glamorous makeup; no, in 2016 we’re looking for you to flaunt what your mama gave you – flaws and all. To see what we mean, check out these 5 hair trends you will see in 2016 that we absolutely love.
Natural Beauty:

Isabel Marant IMAXTREE

Photo Courtesy of Isabel Marant | IMAXTREE

As we’ve seen within the beauty industry so far, makeup brands are creating more natural products and looks for the everyday gal, and it doesn’t stop there. Those hot tools and hair products you’ve got? Toss ‘em aside! It’s all about finding the right cut so that your hair can look its best at its natural texture. This year, authenticity is welcomed with wide and open arms.
To Top-Knot or Not:
Rag & Bone Runway IMAXTREE

Photos Courtesy of Rag & Bone Runway | IMAXTREE

Top-knots became a girl’s ride-or-die hairstyle in 2015. Having a bad hair day? Top-knot. Greasy roots? Top-knot. Lazy day? Top-knot. Can’t make it to the salon to touch up your roots? Top-knot. Want your outfit to look more hipster/grunge? Top-knot. There’s no doubt the top-knot will have its home in 2016, but a recycled and renewed love has entered our hearts: low buns. This elegant, easy, and effortless look is great for curly, straight, or wavy hair. And it’s not about being perfect, so no worries about styling products or hot tools – make it messy, uneven – just do you, boo.
Girl Boss:
Chanel Runway IMAXTREE

Photo Courtesy of Chanel Runway | IMAXTREE

There’s something about this style that speaks volumes to us. It’s not just a little badass. Think straight, sleek hair parted down the middle pushed back behind the ears in a tailored dress, chic jacket draped over the shoulders, and some killer high heels. This polished style oozes a term that blew up in 2015: Girl Boss. Of course, there’s no limit to this style. Your hair can be tucked behind your ears, tucked in a beautiful beret, or casually tucked into a jacket or skinny scarf that made its way into fashion trends this season. However you wear it, own it like the Girl Boss you are.
PANTONE’s Color of 2016:
Blogger Alyssa Garrison from Random Acts of Pastel

Photo Courtesy of Blogger Alyssa Garrison from Random Acts of Pastel

If you haven’t already, you’ll most likely be seeing PANTONE’s color of the year – Rose Quartz, a soft pink, and Serenity, a calming blue – making a special appearance in hair trends. This year you can create an ombre effect or opt to use the colors individually. We can’t help but fall for this cotton candy twist that shakes up the bleached out grey manes. On a side note, is it ironic that these two colors, essentially the colors that have forever separated male and female at birth, join together in a time when androgyny and gender neutralism is on the rise?
Geometric Shapes:
Destroy The Hairdresser

Photo Courtesy of Destroy The Hairdresser

Saving the coolest one for last! This style can be rocked by everyone and anyone regardless of hair texture. These geometric hair shapes can be attained through cut or style. However, if you chose to do a cut be sure the maintenance is suitable for your lifestyle. Some of our favorites include ladies’ geometric nape undercut designs, etching, and women with natural-textured hair because they can mold, shape, and cut their hair into interesting shapes that can hold really sharp and clean edges due to their hair’s texture. Talk about our love for the natural and edgy!
To learn more about ladies’ undercuts check out Instagram through Aveda Men’s Grooming & Short Hair Specialist Meg Harpe (#harpehair) in Columbus, Ohio and Iana Wi of Hearts and Robots Studio in Austin, Texas.
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