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In recent years, a lot more girls have stopped splurging at their favorite nail salon and have started giving themselves a salon-worthy manicure from the comfort of their own homes. For those who desire professional-looking manicures for less cash, but don’t have the steadiest of hands (practice makes perfect!), do not worry—you won’t need steady hands to get the great manicure that you are looking for. In fact, you won’t even need to use any type of nail polish at all! Cue the latest craze in nail art: nail wraps. Nail wraps are like little fashionable stickers for your nails. They can be easily applied after adjusting their size for a custom fit. Once you are done sizing the wraps, all you need to do is apply heat and pressure and you will be on your way to achieving a gorgeous manicure in no time. Read on for the cutest Jamberry nail wraps available from

Flower Power
This beauty here is called The Lotus, after the delicate flower of similar shape. Perfect for fall, this nail wrap features an intricate green and silver pattern that is eye-catching, ultra feminine, and trendy.
Up With The Birds
Birds in Paradise is one of my favorite wraps. Who doesn’t love little cute birds, especially when they are made up of geometric shapes? Don’t think for one minute that buying nail wraps limits you to only that design. The good thing about nail wraps is that you can mix and match any designs or colors you please!

Scary Skeletons
Talk about a killer mixture (pun intended)! This edgy and preppy nail wrap combination works well with the Dia De Los Muertos design. Keep your digits colorful and festive on this famous Mexican holiday
with this design, or add only one or two wraps per hand and paint the other nails
red or green.
Peacock Pride
The Bird on Fire look is perfect for the fall season. No wonder it is one of their most popular looks! With moody reds, greens, and blues coupled with a feathery peacock pattern, this design screams edginess and high fashion.
Passion Play
The greatest feature about is that you can even find a design containing your favorite hobbies, sports, and alma maters (or you can have a design custom made for you). This particular design, Gymnastics, features gymnasts in different signature poses, ranging from purples, pinks, and silvers. Gymnasts, wear it proud!

All photos courtesy of Jamberry

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