Is Strong Vs Skinny The New “Thigh Gap” Craze?

For those who take pains to keep up with appearances – weight included – there is a clear cut trend that has been developing, and that is the “Strong vs Skinny” campaign. For years as super models continued to shrink into smaller and smaller sizes, women strove to achieve their lithe and whimsical bodies that were suppose to encompass the highest tier of femininity. 
Alongside this growth of size double zero requirements, came the pressure for the average woman to shrink as well. More and more crazy diets, such as the Atkins and South Beach Diet, began to make their ways into homes via celeb endorsement, and scantily clad models. Thus. began the thigh gap craze in which the ideal was to ensure there was a gap between the thighs, signaling a smaller frame and low body fat percentage.
However, soon to chase the tail of the thigh gap, came the new fitness crave that has continued to today. In fact, a brand new progressive ideal has emerged for women, and that is the “Strong vs Skinny” mentality. It is the idea that health and fitness trumps a low calorie diet in longevity and in overall happiness. This may not be the case for everyone, but the body positivity and acceptance and proof of fallibility the human body helps show the world that women can be strong and sexy, and the two are not mutually exclusive anymore.

“Strong vs Skinny” encourages the adoption of a good and balanced diet. It encourages acceptance of all flaws and pushes the idea that weight-loss and fitness are not tied to each other, but can be related at times. This new mentality gives women everywhere a chance to love their body in every way they can, even without a thigh gap.
Is Strong Vs Skinny The New “Thigh Gap” Craze?: Photo Courtesy of Pinterest
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