How To Achieve The Best Bikini Zone

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Laser Hair Removal
“You really want to shave the day before,” Titova advises. “The laser can locate the follicles easier when shaved. It’s very important to use a clean, new razor to avoid having any lingering bacteria that could cause contact dermatitis (a delayed allergic reaction) after your laser treatment.”

  • Avoid coffee or anything that contains caffeine, since it’s said to increase sensitivity.
  • Always be rested and hydrated: Your pain receptors will be higher if you’re fatigued and dehydrated.
  • Ask your technician to try different paces: Each technician has his/her own technique. Some perform quickly while another is slow paced; make sure you let him/her know which pace is best for you.
  • Avoid tanning: Tanning beds and even the sun can be dangerous after lasering, so avoid both and always have on SPF. “In warm weather climates, this is always a concern because women are always outside at the beach or pool,” Titova mentions. “If you’re getting laser hair removal, avoid the sun entirely for at least three days before your laser treatment.”

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