How To Achieve The Best Bikini Zone

Almost every single woman has the struggle of maintaining the ideal bikini zone. Trying to find the perfect products and techniques that best suits your body without suffering from harsh bumps can be a crazy challenge. All we want is a smooth, soft bikini area. Is that too much to ask? There are multiple hair-removal options that can grant us our wish for the perfect bikini zone, and the majority of women choose laser hair removal to completely demolish their stubborn hair. However, we should all acknowledge the facts that come with any hair removal alternative. Luckily, Aesthetic Mentors instructor and expert Jenya Titova tells us what is and what isn’t great for our bikini area when it comes to removing hair.


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“Pay attention to how your skin reacts when shaving. Do you get bumps and redness? If so, you need an exfoliating and moisturizing routine,” Titova suggests. For shaving, you must always keep your razor sharp and new by replacing your razor every two to three weeks. Make sure you shave slowly; ingrowns and irritation appear if you’re moving the razor too quickly. Go slower around the bikini area since the angles are more difficult to get the hairs. Finally, moisturize! Moisturizing will help cool and prevent bumps and redness around the areas you shaved.

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