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How Sleep Deprivation Results in Paler Skin & Droopier Eyelids

Nowadays, sleep deprivation is adversely effecting people due to the increase in daily responsibilities.  As a result, they tend to neglect their sleep while others fail to achieve adequate levels of sleep due to the lack of proper bedding.  If you lack the right mattress, you experience high levels of discomfort and end up not having a good night sleep. The good news is that the Nest’s Love & Sleep mattress (review) gives you all the information you require to pick the right mattress.

sleep deprivation

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Now we want to share with you a few reasons why the lack of sleep results in a paler complexion and droopier eyes.

  1. Imbalanced hydration

As you sleep, you tend to sweat more, and your body’s hydration rebalances while recovering extra moisture. So, if you lack adequate sleep, your skin’s hydration and moisture levels are affected. This way, your skin’s PH levels decrease, resulting in dull skin. It also becomes impossible for your skin to generate the required moisture making you look pale. Worse still, this may lead to breakouts and unnecessary redness.

  1. Increased stress
    sleep deprivation

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    When you lack adequate sleep, your skin produces more of the stress hormone known as cortisol. Increase levels of cortisol lead to heightened levels of stress and inflammation in your body, thus hurting the quality of your skin.

    More so, lack of sleep affects the integrity of the collagen in your skin. Collagen is an essential ingredient in the elasticity and structure of the skin. So, when it’s is broken down, your skin shows more visible signs of aging, becomes thinner and less firm. And this makes you appear pale with more prominent wrinkles.

  2. Reduced repair of skin cells

    Cell renewal takes place during your deepest sleep; during this time, there’s a boost in the production and release of growth hormones. As a result, your body cells repair and increase in number. So, when you lack sufficient sleep, you become prone to skin maladies like wrinkles and eczema hence appearing paler. 

  3. Less blood circulation

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    During sleep, your body heightens its blood flow, and the skin reaps the benefits. The circulation system transport precious nutrients, hormones as well as other essential chemicals from various body parts and organs.

    Also, it’s a crucial aspect of overall health and metabolic function. Furthermore, it’s though the circulation system that immune cells are delivered to guard the body against pathogens. Blood circulation also eliminates wastes, toxic substances, and pathogens from the body.

    So, poor blood circulation can cause many health issues, including unattractive pale, dry skin. Proper blood flow ensures an even skin tone, delivery of nutrients to all skin cells as well as healthy detoxification of the skin. Healthy skin is more likely to combat bacteria and infections that it may come into contact with resulting in beautiful glowing skin.

  4. Poor functioning of the skin

    The formation of droopy eyes has got something to do with poor skin functions. The skin surrounding your eyes is naturally thin, and blood vessels are closer to the surface.  Due to this thinness, blood vessels located under it are tiny, and this makes red blood cells not to pass through easily.

    As a result, bags appear due to the loss of elasticity and firmness in this part of your body. Also, when you lack adequate sleep, the blood vessels dilate, resulting in increased blood flow. Since the skin under the eyes is thinner, a dark tint caused by an increased volume of blood becomes more visible.

  5. Congestion of blood capillaries

    Sleep deprivation can reduce how well the muscles of your upper eyelid functions. As a result, the lid settles lower.  Also lack of enough sleep leads to congestion within blood capillaries under your eyes. As a result, the eyes lack the required nourishing and oxygen, leading to sagging of the eyelids.

     So if you frequently stay up at night, you’ll be likely to suffer from emotional instability, the fatigue of the eyes and accelerated aging. This way, the erythrocytes oxygen supply will decrease, leading to the accumulation of carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes. If the blood around your eyes lacks enough oxygen, pigmentation, and sagging of the eyes will happen.

  6. Less rejuvenation

    sleep deprivation

    Image Credits: Engin_Akyurt @ Pixabay


    As you sleep, your body creates the human growth hormone, which is vital for collagen production. Collagen is the protein responsible for shiny hair, strong nails, and skin glowing/healthy skin.

    But, skimping on sleep boosts the levels of cortisol, and this interferes with collagen production leading to pale and dry skin. Also, your body rejuvenates, rebuilds, and repairs as you sleep. So, lack of rest and enough sleep triggers dry skin and even slows down cellular circulation resulting in a pale complexion and lifeless tired eyes.

    Final thoughts

    Sleep deprivation affects your skin and body in many ways. If you lack adequate, you’re likely to have a dry pale complexion, feel fatigued, and suffer from droopy eyes. So, to avoid this, it’s recommended that you sleep at least six to eight hours daily for healthier skin and body.

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