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Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care

Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care is a fabulous product available for purchase at Available in a variety of colors and patterns, Hot Head is essentially a terry cloth heating pad for your hair. After showering, partially drying your hair, and applying conditioner, you pop Hot Head in the microwave for 2 minutes to heat up. When fully heated, you place the cap on your conditioned hair and leave for up to 45 minutes. After the timer is up, you remove the cap, allow your hair to cool for five minutes, and then wash out the remaining conditioner. The process is so simple, yet so effective! Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care includes full instructions along with a bag of plastic shower caps to be placed on hair before the Hot Head.
As a girl who has dyed her hair MANY times, it is extremely dry. I was blessed (not) with naturally dry hair to begin with, so the effects of multiple dying sessions have not been kind. When told about Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care, I was skeptical because I have tried just about every deep conditioning method known to man with zero results. After the first use of Hot Head, I knew it was an amazing product. After my hair dried, I could immediately feel the positive effects of Hot Head because the softness of my hair was something I had never felt before. I’ve been using Hot Head every other day for the past week and my hair has honestly never looked or felt better. The shine, the softness, the overall healthiness of my hair has GREATLY improved due to the Hot Head product. I love love love Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care and recommend it to anyone who wants to have flawless hair!
Hot Head by Thermal Hair Care is available for purchase at
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– by Amanda Sikoral

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