Lazy Day Summer Makeup

We all have those days where we have places to be, people to see, and there’s nowhere else we’d rather be… than in bed. It’s the summer time, and with it brings the sun and sometimes horrific tan lines. Makeup usually tends to be the last thing on our minds after one too many beach days. However, there are those times where duty calls, whether it be a wedding or formal occasion, and here are some lazy day summer makeup ideas.

Exfoliate and moisturize
The key to having a smooth face and being apply to apply makeup without any bumps is to exfoliate gently. Oftentimes the exfoliants in stores can be harsh and extremely drying. I suggest adding honey and brown sugar together for a natural and hydrating exfoliating scrub.


Cream Shadow Base
Focusing on the eyes, I find, on a day where I want minimal effort but maximum bang, I use cream shadows to really help my eyes pop. Using it in a shade that is closest to your natural eyelid shade helps keep the look neutral, but still brightens around the eye. For an extra touch, go a shade or two darker with a powder shadow and blend it with windshield wiper motions in the inner corner and crease to add dimension to the eye.


Eyeliner (optional)
If you’re anything like me, eyeliner seems to be one of the first makeup products you gravitate towards. Cat eye it, dip it downward, or simply outline your natural eye shape; however you normally apply eyeliner, do it! It’s oftentimes second nature.

Even if you don’t want to do step one or two, mascara is a must. It opens up the eyes and makes them seem bigger with very little effort. For added effect, use an eyelash curler four times or so on each eye, and if you happen to have a mascara primer, use it for the highest volume and definition in your eyelashes.


BB Cream or CC cream
The last thing to do is your skin is add your choice of BB or CC cream. I often leave foundation last in order to minimize fallout, thus ruining my makeup. Summer is the season of light coverage or no coverage at all, and BB and CC creams are super light and easy to use. BB cream is lighter in coverage than foundation and tends to boast skin care benefits,whereas CC cream stands for “color correcting” and is geared towards aiding the reduction of redness or discoloration. Some awesome brands to try include Revlon and Olay for the drugstore, and Tarte’s Amazonian Clay line or Benefit have amazing higher end options. However, to try one of the best in the world, definitely check out Asian makeup brands such as Etude House since they originated BB creams and are a staple in their culture.

Blush (optional)
Sometimes you may want an added flush, but don’t feel like grabbing a contouring brush or adding more powder onto your face. Enter cream and tint blushes! Cream blushes are easy to use and blend, and they create a natural, dewy flush. The same goes for tints; they are another must-have when it comes to summer makeup!


Mix and match these makeup products together, go with simply mascara, BB cream and Blush, or just focus on the eyes, leaving the face bare. The best part about summer is that it’s infamous for being forgiving on the skin and complexion. Spending time outdoors (with sunscreen!) helps maintain the vibrant and glowy complexion that people vye for all year long. Love your natural beauty and embrace it; there’s no better time to let your inner beauty shine out more than the season of the sun.

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