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How Much did Gordon Ramsey pay for his Hair Transplant?

How Much did Gordon Ramsey pay for his Hair Transplant

How Much did Gordon Ramsey pay for his Hair Transplant?  TV chef Gordon Ramsey is best known for being a tough-talking, no-nonsense businessman and passionate chef. With his distinctively wrinkled face and tough-talking attitude, he is perhaps one of the last people you might associate with the world of cosmetic surgery. However, Ramsey was spotted in a surgical cap leaving a top LA hair clinic, and it was fairly obvious that he’d undergone a hair transplant of some type.

How Much did Gordon Ramsey pay for his Hair TransplantHair transplants among TV stars are very common. The world of TV can be extremely fickle, and for every aging star with a loyal following, there are many sprightly younger presenters waiting in the wings for them to fall out of favor with the TV bosses or the public. While Gordon Ramsey remains a firm favorite on both sides of the Atlantic, thanks to his angry outbursts and colorful delivery, even he is not exempt from being dropped or side-lined for the crime of going bald! So Ramsey joins the long list of TV stars that have undergone a hair transplant in the last few years.

Unfortunately for bald and balding men, the public do tend to prefer a man with hair. There’s even evidence to suggest that the public find men with hair more approachable, relatable and even more successful, than men with far less up top.

Gordon Ramsey’s FUE treatment was reported to have cost around thirty thousand pounds. This sum isn’t unusual in the world of celebrity hair transplants, and it’s actually a drop in the ocean compared to the loss of earnings Ramsey might face, if his shows were dropped because he was looking too old. Not all hair transplants cost quite so much, and it’s possible that he may have done a deal with the clinic for a cut-priced or even free treatment, in return for publicity. However, it’s also entirely possible that he considered thirty thousand pounds a fair investment for a thicker and more youthful head of hair.

An FUE treatment is the gold standard in hair transplants, and involves thousands of tiny, individual hair follicles being harvested from the back of the head, and individually inserted into the front. This is a very delicate, specialized operation, and top surgeons in affluent areas can command tens of thousands of dollars for a single procedure.

In addition to the hair transplant, Ramsey also underwent a Botox treatment on his face, and had his teeth whitened too. It seems that not even rugged Ramsey can resist the pressure of fame.

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