Gypsy Wood’s Art of Seduction

Gypsy Wood’s Art of Seduction

Gypsy Wood is one of the top burlesque performers in Australia and there’s a lot you can learn from her when it comes to the art of seduction.  She’s even been called the ‘queen of kink’ by Time Out Sydney.
Burlesque is one of those activities that can instantly make you feel sexy.  If you’re interested in trying it out for yourself, take a look at  Burlesque Dolls.   Here you’ll find some gorgeous burlesque wear, classes and shows.
Learning burlesque will not only make you feel sexy but it’ll also teach you all the moves you need to seduce someone.
The Moves
Before we even get to dressing up, when performing burlesque you get to learn some moves.  You’ll learn the art of the tease and the flirt. These are things that some women do naturally but you can turn it up to the max by learning to incorporate those skills into a burlesque routine.
There are also a number of dance moves that you’ll learn such as the shimmy, quiver and grind (the latter has earned a bad rap in the past with a perverse sexual meaning when in reality, it’s just a rotation of the hips that can be found in all sorts of dance).
These moves can be used to bring a bit of sexiness to the way you move, or they could be used as part of a burlesque dance for the one you love.
The Clothes
Corsets, suspenders, bikinis, feathers and nipple tassels. The burlesque outfits can be so sexy that you won’t even need the moves to perfect the art of seduction.
The key to getting the outfit right is to get items that fit well. It doesn’t matter what your size, anyone can look sexy in the perfect corset and tights.
The shoes can also do wonders for your legs. A high heel can elongate and tone the legs without much effort at all. Learning to dance in heels can help you in all sorts of ways too. You’ll even find you feel more confident in heels on a day-to-day basis.
The Striptease
Burlesque is much more classy and enticing than a traditional strip or lap dance. The reason for this is because it’s all about the tease rather than the act of undressing. There are so many amazing burlesque dancers who don’t show too much skin at all.
Learning from burlesque dancers can give you some ideas for a sexy dance for your partner, and just learning to get undressed in a slightly sexier way than normal can make you feel great.
It’s Not All About Seduction
While burlesque can give you all the tools you need to do a sexy striptease, it’s also one of those activities that can boost your confidence in so many ways. Confidence in the way you look is so sexy and can do wonders for your self esteem.
Burlesque is very inclusive with women of all shapes, sizes and ages getting involved. You might want to give it a try with a view to getting into a new career or simply to give yourself a confidence boost and have fun with friends.

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