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8 Well-Known Celebrities who Wear Wigs

Today we want to talk about 8 well-known celebrities who wear wigs. It’s amazing how fashion has changed over the years. In years past we only thought of older women or cancer patients as people who preferred to wear a wig as a part of their daily wardrobe.  Let’s jump ahead 50 years and see how wigs are now being adorned and worn in 2021. Today, some the most well known influencers, celebrities and entertainers wear wigs and wear them in style – and fans love them.  Today we’ll share 8 well-known celebrities who wear wigs proudly at the highest echelons of fashion and style.

From XRS Beauty Lace Front Wigs to Cynosure glueless hd lace wigs, these celebrities wear their wigs well in from the movie camera whether the film has stopped rolling or not.

1. Katy Perry

We think it’s safe to say that Katy Perry really loves wigs.  We remember when she sported a wig back on American Idol for almost 8 weeks. She loves both long and short, cute colorful wigs to show off her beauty and fun personality. From her peacock ponytail to her retro 20s wigs, Katy looks amazing and changes her hairstyle often.

2. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s nickname should be Queen of Wigs. When it comes to style and pushing the boundaries of fashion, Lady Gaga is definitely at the forefront.  Lady Gaga has been wearing wigs for over a decade as an artist and has admintted having a warehouse fill of them.  She is definitely a trend setter when it comes to wearing wigs. So much so that many online wig shops have a separate category specifically for Lady Gaga styled wigs.

3. Gwen Stefani

Gwen has always been as eccentric with her hair as she has been with her music. This California girl has rocked everything from cornrows to curly blonde extensions. Yes after she led her band No Doubt to hit single after hit single, Gwen decided to launch her own fashion company call LAMB which represents her bold style and stamp on Hollywood, entertainment and of course fashion.  She can often been seen rocking an all blonde wig at major music events including music awards shows. Like lady Gaga, many online wig shops also have a Gwen Stefani category and they are usually a blonde wavy lace front which looks amazing.

4. Beyoncé

Most of you probably didn’t know this but Beyonce was once a part of one of the best selling girls group of all time. Back in the late 1990s, she was the lead singer of Destiny’s Child.

All of the glamour and fame from being one of the most recognized singer in the world naturally connected Beyonce with fashion and style. You can usually find her wearing fancy (and super expensive) dresses, amazing make up and lavish heels. Sometimes she wears her beautiful natural hair in curls and sometimes she loves to show off her incredible wig collection with a variety of colors and hairstyles.

5. Zendaya

It’s definitely safe to say that Zendaya has a fierce and fearless fashion style that has no limits. At such a young age Zendaya has almost done it all from modeling and dancing to singing and acting. Along the way she became enamored with fashion, style and yes wigs and extensions. In a recent interview Zendaya explains the difference between extensions, weaves and wigs. She was asked how does she manage to wear so many different hairstyles and weave hair color without causing any damage to her hair? Her answer: The lace-front wig.

 “When it comes to full-coverage and natural-looking makeup, those are the best. Tape and adhesive can be used to apply them. She explains, “I wear them when I want a completely new look.”

6. Khloe Kardashian

Celebrities who Wear Wigs

Photo by Greta Hoffman on Pexels

No one rocks a wig better than Khloe Kardashian. Back in 2019, you could find Khloe rocking a curly blonde Diana Ross inspired Wig at Ross’s 75th birthday party. She loved it so much that she was still wearing the wig the next morning. What’s more amazing is that Khloe has her own “weave closet” where she can sport any wig or extension that she fancies at anytime. With over 50 shades of blonde extensions, Khloe’s weave closet is one of a kind.

7. Jennifer Lopez

We all know and love Jennifer Lopez from all of her past pop songs we danced to in the early 2000’s.  We also realized that she was a great actor to. She’s played several charismatic roles on several block busters including The Wedding Planner and Selena. She is one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars as she can sing, dance and act. She is also a true fashion trendsetter who also has her own clothing line. It shouldn’t come as no surprise that she is also a well-know celebrity who regularly wears wigs. So much in fact that she has her own “Wig Room” just like Khloe. How awesome is that?

8. Cardi B

We all know Cardi B as one of the worlds most popular entertainers. This female rapper has had most number-one singles on the Billboard Hot 100. Did you also know that Cardi B loves wigs. She loves wigs so much that Allure dedicated an entire page for Cardi B’s most iconic wigs. From bright rainbow colored wigs to elegant long black wigs, Cardi B is in a class of her own when it comes to showcasing her collection of wigs.

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