Give Your Skin Extra Love with DeoDoc

Give Your Skin Extra Love with DeoDoc

Ladies, it’s time to stop shying away from one of the most important and sensitive subjects—caring for our intimate areas. And no we’re not just talking about especially during that time of the month. We’re talking about all year round with products that are specially formulated for the intimate area to create an everyday care routine. Say hello to DeoDoc, an intimate deodorant brand co-founded by two sisters to revolutionize the hygenic care of your “down under” regimine.

Made to, “… offer women an effective, gentle and safe alternative to be able to add some extra freshness in their everyday lives” sisters Dr. Hedieh Asadi and Hasti Asadi formulated deodorants to control sweat, odor and cleanliness. Care not only has gone into making these products delicate for your vaginal region, but in the choosing of ingredients as well. Hypoallergenic, pH-balanced, cruelty-free and free from parabens are just the few claims under their belt. Learn more about DeoDoc and their incredibly innovative products you won’t want to keep a secret for long.


Daily Intimate Wash

You have washes dedicated for your face and body so why not your intimate area? It only seems right after all! Stock up with the DeoSpray Intimate Wash available in 3 scents. Gentle enough to use directly on your gentle skin this silky wash leaves you feelin’ so fresh and so smooth, smooth.

DeoSpray Intimate

Sweat glands not only exist in our armpits, but the vaginal region too. Welcome this deodorant made specifically to neutralize odor and refresh throughout the day. There will be no worries with just a spray of this to start your day.

DeoWipes Intimate

Wipes that are perfect to pop into your bag wherever you need to go! Tasked to neutralize odor and cleanse at the same time these pH-balanced deodorant wipes are great for a quick fresh-me-up.


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Give Your Skin Extra Love with DeoDoc: Photographs courtesy of DeoDoc.

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