7 Female-Run Beauty Brands You Should Know About

In the wake of the Women’s March, A Day Without A Woman, and International Women’s Day, there’s no time like the present to profile some of the female-run big names in beauty. These major players in the beauty industry are headed up by some badass women and make products that I love. They emphasize and complement natural beauty, and you definitely need to know about them! From skincare to makeup to hair care, these brilliant babes have you covered.

1. Glossier

Founded (as a result of the uber-successful beauty blog Into The Gloss) by CEO Emily Weiss, this beauty brand emphasizes the natural beauty every woman possesses (hell yeah) and steers customers toward a natural, dewy look. They’re self-professed beauty geeks who have developed their line as a result of tireless sampling, experimenting, and interviewing everyone and anyone about beauty products, and they’ve nailed creating products that work for all women in all shades and colors. One word? LOVE.

Highlights: Their Cloud Paint ($18, available in 4 colors) and Boy Brow ($16, available in 4 colors)
2. Ouai

Hair stylist to the stars Jen Atkin started this haircare brand with real women in mind. Her products range from shampoos and conditioners to hair sprays to repairing masks and oils. All of the products are sulfate-free and include ingredients that will repair, strengthen, and beautify your tresses. And, honestly, if Chrissy Teigen trusts her, so do I.

Highlights: Her hair oil and repairing masks can do wonders for damaged, dried-out locks. If you’ve foiled up one too many times or deal with out-of-control baby hairs, these are for you.
3. Honest Beauty

Photo Courtesy of Instagram @Honest_Beauty

It’s no secret that super-beauty Jessica Alba is a co-founder of The Honest Company, a company that emphasizes the importance of non-toxic products, and home of Honest Beauty. “Clean. Conscious. Confident.” is the brand’s mantra, and their all-natural beauty products fall right in line. If using these products will get us Jessica Alba’s glowing olive skin and youthful glow, we’ll take one of everything.

Highlights: Their “Enhance” skincare products. From primers to facial oils to de-puffing gels, their line of skincare products leaves your skin looking and feeling incredible, and works well on all different skin types and colors!
4. Soko Glam

Founded by Charlotte Cho, Soko Glam is your one-stop Korean beauty shop housing all of the best and newest in South Korean beauty. This Cali-native moved to South Korea when she graduated from college and observed and grew to love the South Korean approach to beauty: skin first! She launched Soko Glam to bring these beauty principles to the Western world, and we all owe her endless thanks.
Highlights: South Korean skincare products, particularly moisturizers and masks.
5. Juice Beauty

Founded by wellness entrepreneur Karen Behnke, a California native who noticed major changes in her skin as a result of hormonal changes after becoming pregnant with her first child at 40, Juice Beauty creates organic beauty products that perform as well as industry-standard products. Behnke’s line of Juice skin care is rich in antioxidants and vitamins, and are praised by a slew of magazines and celebrity skin-gurus like Gwyneth Paltrow (who literally hasn’t aged in 20 years, so let’s follow her lead).

Highlights: The Phyto-Pigments Makeup Collection, a collaboration with Gwyneth Paltrow herself, is a makeup line made with all certified-organic ingredients.
6. RMS Beauty

Created by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift (a major player in the industry for over 35 years!), RMS Beauty delivers natural beauty products made with all-organic ingredients. After experiencing health issues that were a result of toxic chemicals in cosmetics she’d been using as a makeup artist she wanted to help other women find healthy beauty products, and alas, RMS was born.

Highlights: Her creamy luminizers and bronzers look super natural and super beautiful. Having that youthful, dewy glow without looking shiny or overly-contoured is a careful balance, and these products can get you there!
7. Birchbox

Birchbox has changed the way we approach new products. Instead of standing at a counter at the mall testing product after product and having a pushy saleslady try and sell you things you don’t want, you get a curated box of beauty products each month and the option to buy them at a discount if you like them. This massive convenience is owed to
co-founders Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp, who founded the company after meeting at Harvard Business School when they realized how difficult it was for women to try new beauty products without committing to expensive products they weren’t sure they loved. Beauty and brains? We love it.
Highlight: Getting decent-sized samples of products. Unlike samples that come in magazines, samples from Birchbox are actually big enough to last for a few tries, giving you a much more accurate read on them!
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7 Female-Run Beauty Brands You Should Know About. 

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