My Favorite Blowouts Ever

If you know anything about me, you know I am a blowout addict. My family, friends, and roommates are always on me about my blowout addiction (hello, credit card bill!). “You don’t need them,” they say. And while I agree, mostly because blowouts are pricey and do seem a bit superfluous, I can’t help but love the way I feel after a nice blow dry. For starters, my hair is thick and long, making it very difficult—not to mention time consuming—to blow dry and curl my own hair. And luckily for me, my hair is pretty dry, so I can usually make a blowout last for 3-4 days (I know, kind of gross—but totally worth it when you’re spending the money). Let’s just say I’m a big proponent of dry shampoo. Anyway, it’s no surprise that my love affair with blowouts has brought me to many salons, both big and small, to find the best blowout ever. And while a blowout might seem like a standard procedure, salons across the country are getting creative. So here it is, blow by blow: my favorite blowouts ever.

The Big-Name Blowout
I recently got to check out Blo Blow Dry Bar, thanks to the lovely ladies over at the Chelsea NYC location. I was sold from the start; they offered me a glass of champagne before I could even get my jacket off. What did I love even more about the salon? The Blo Menu offers a variety of different styles, from red-carpet volume to sexy beach waves and even fishtail braids. The best part of all? Each style is $40 flat, regardless of the length or thickness of your hair. They definitely take their time at Blo, which is appreciated when you’re spending that kind of cash. I was impressed with their attention to detail, and all of the products they use (Blo brand) have a to-die-for fragrance (even the hairspray!). Overall, Blo offers an upscale, spa-like experience that is sure to please even the most seasoned salonites.

Your Local Dry Bar
While I loved the glamorous, big-name experience of a place like Blo, I also have to send some love to my local blow dry bars. These days, it seems like blow bars are opening up everywhere, even in smaller cities. These no-cut, no-color salons are perfect if you need a blowout last minute, but don’t feel like trekking into the big city for glamorous tresses. My personal favorite is Up and Out in Hoboken, New Jersey (my city). These ladies opened up shop a few months ago and have been a hit ever since. The salon is sleek and upscale, but still comfy and welcoming (tea or a mimosa, anyone?), and you definitely feel at home right away. Like Blo, they do a flat rate for a few dollars cheaper ($38), and they’ve recently added some other styles to their menu (e.g. the fishtail). The experience is a bit more expedited than that of bigger-name salons like Blo, but the results are still fabulous, especially if you are looking for that classic, voluminous “blown-out” look in a short amount of time. And if they were able to give my incredibly thick hair some volume (I couldn’t believe it either!), I’m pretty sure they can do wonders for everyone else too.

Your Go-To Salon
How did we survive before all of these blowout bars started popping up? Our go-to salons, of course! We can’t forget about the people that started it all, and I have to say, some of the best blowouts I’ve ever gotten are paired with a great cut at my hometown salon, Caru. They offer a similar spa-like experience with custom beverages and salon add-ons that are sure to pamper you like you’ve never been pampered before. What I like most about my favorite full-service salon is that blowouts are included in your cut, and they offer a similar menu to that of Blo. My favorite do? I love, love, love the beach wave blowout. I’m not sure how they do it, but I always come out with sexy, sultry tresses that last for days. The prices at this full-service salon, like many others, vary depending on your length and thickness of hair, as well as who is cutting/styling your hair that day, so be sure to find a stylist you like (and can afford), and stick with them for good to avoid any surprises, both style- and price-wise.

The Verdict?
I hate to be that girl, but I just can’t choose one. Each salon has its strengths, and they’re all great for different experiences and occasions. If I’m looking to go all-out (pre-city wedding/event pampering), I’ll probably head to Blo, but you can’t beat the convenience and service of a local salon like Up and Out (perfect before a big date night). And if I’m in need of a haircut, too, I’m for sure heading to my favorite full-service salon, Caru. The choices are endless… if only my finances were as well! One of these days I’ll learn to blowout my own hair in less than two hours, but in the meantime, I have no problem doing the research for you guys! Stay fabulous, always. XOXO, Elizabeth

Images courtesy of Up and Out Blowout Bar and Rob Gulotta

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